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Division of Student Life
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Office of Orientation and New Student Programs Graduate Associateship

Specific Duties

  • Supervise the student leadership staff for the Orientation and Peer Mentor programs
  • Co-advise all aspects of the Orientation and Peer Mentor programs, including staff selection and training
  • Serve on the ACAD 101 Committee
  • Oversee the Orientation Leader and Peer Mentor recruitment and selection process accordingly
  • Work with Peer Mentors and the Volunteer/Community Service and Service Learning areas to coordinate the ACAD service requirement, with the Peer Mentors, completing a combined tally of projects and hours donated
  • Work in collaboration with ACAD to incorporate the Common Book into Peer Mentor and Orientation activities, curriculum, and speakers
  • Coordinate the meetings of the Welcome Week Committee
  • Keep track of Orientation Leader & Peer Mentor obligations and responsibilities, along with the student staff
  • Update the Peer Mentor & Orientation websites on a regular basis
  • Monitor grades of Peer Mentors and Orientation Leaders and watch for students who fall below the required GPAs and compile a list of their fall and spring grades
  • Handle disciplinary situations that arise with the Peer Mentors and Orientation Leaders, in concert with the Program Director for Orientation and New Student Programs
  • Coordinate the evaluations and reviews of Peer Mentors
  • Coordinate Winthrop Welcome Week logistics
  • Attend ACAD Instructor training sessions when scheduled
  • Perform all other duties as assigned by the Program Director for Orientation and New Student Programs

Skills Required

  • Functional knowledge of Windows 2000 Office Suite (Word, Excel, Publisher, PowerPoint) and FrontPage
  • Ability to work with and motivate a group of students
  • Organization, creativity and attention to detail
  • Working knowledge of Winthrop University, Student Handbook and Winthrop computer programs, such as SIS and VM