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Division of Student Life
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Graduate Associate Opportunities


All Graduate Associates within the Division of Student Life work closely with professional staff and have significant responsibility.  They are active and valued members of the team.  Each Graduate Associate is expected to expand their skills and contribute to the services offered in the area in which they are working.  There is ample opportunity to work independently and to receive additional professional development.

The financial package for Graduate Associates in the Department of Student Life is equal to $10,500.

A stipend of $7,000 will be paid in bi-weekly increments on the 10th and the 25th of each month over a 9 month period that includes fall and spring semester.  Some positions do come available beginning spring semester.

The remaining $3,500 is applied to tuition with $1,750 applied per semester.
All Graduate Associates will be charged in-state tuition.
A Graduate Associate must be accepted into a Winthrop graduate program as a full time (9 hours) student.  Other conditions are listed on the Graduate School.  This page is currently being updated.

To apply send a resume with cover letter to the person listed as the contact person for the position for which you are interested.

 Center for Career and Civic Engagement

GA For Close Scholars

Status: 1 position filled for Fall 2013
Contact: Ellin McDonough 803-323-2600 x6076

Career Development Graduate Associate

Status: 1 position filled for Fall 2013
Contact: Amy Sullivan 803-323-2141

Health and Counseling Services

Health and Counseling Graduate Associate

Status: 1 position filled for Fall  2013
Contact: Jackie Concodora 803-323-2206

Residence Life

Business Operations Graduate Associate

Status: 1 position filled for Fall 2013
Contact: Howard Seidler 803-323-2223

Student Affairs

        Graduate Associate for Multicultural Student Life

           Status: 1 position filled for Fall 2013
           Contact: Kinyata Adams Brown 803-323-4508

GA for Student Organizations

Status: 1 position available for Fall 2014
Contact: Alex Miller 803-323-2248

New Student and Parent Programs Graduate Associate

Status: 1 position available for Fall 2014
Contact: Carrie Whiteside 803-323-2387 

 DiGiorgio Campus Center Facilities Graduate Associate

         Status: 1 position available for Fall 2014
        Contact: Billy Dahlgren 803-323-4538

Graduate Associate for Fraternity and Sorority Affairs

Status: 1 position available for Fall 2014
Contact: Michele Peterson 803-323-4507

DiGiorgio Student Union graduate Associate

    Status: 1 available for Fall 2014
   Contact: Deborah Allen 803-323-4757  

Student Publications Graduate Associate

Status: 1 position available for Fall 2014
Contact: Bethany Marlowe 803-323-4503