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Staff Assembly

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ question What is the difference between Staff Assembly, Council, and Conference?

FAQ answer The definitions of these terms are:

  • Staff Assembly - the fifteen (15) individuals elected by all eligible staff to serve as staff representatives
  • Staff Council - the officers (Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Historian, and Parliamentarian) elected to lead the Staff Assembly
  • Staff Conference - meetings held with all eligible staff as identified by Human Resources

FAQ question When will the results of the Chronicle of Higher Education survey about Great Colleges to Work For be available?

FAQ answer Survey participation reports should be available in early August.

FAQ question Would it be possible for staff to receive a free membership to the West Center as a perk?

FAQ answer Fees received from West Center memberships are used to cover the operations of the facility. Without these fees, the West Center could not be open as many hours, and Recreational Services would not be able to offer the programming now available to students, staff, and faculty. The annual membership fee of ($10.00 per pay period) has not increased since the facility opened in 2007. Membership includes use of the entire facility including the climbing wall, weight room, cardio stations, racquetball courts, basketball courts, and pool. Members also have access to a personal trainer, group fitness sessions, towel service, and a locker.

FAQ question Will the 88 who received pay raises this past academic year be required to give up the money that was given to them?

FAQ answer Employees included among the 88 individuals as receiving salary increases as reported by the media will not have a reduction in salary because of recent revelations.  State of South Carolina regulations were, and will continue to be, followed in awarding salary increases for any reason.  At this time, any requests for salary increases are being very closely monitored by the Personnel Committee.

As we move forward, the hope is that employees will make the choice to stay at Winthrop and be a part of the transition to the future.  It may be a challenging time in the history of Winthrop, but no doubt, Winthrop will survive the challenge and be better in the end for the experience.

FAQ question I'm sure that this is a state mandate, but I would love to see our maternity/FMLA policies change a little. Right now, when a new mother takes leave, she uses her sick time for the amount of time the doctor writes her out for, and then MUST use vacation time for any additional time she may want, even if sick time is still available. As you probably know, employees get paid out for vacation time and not sick time, which is one of reasons we don't want to blow through vacation time when sick time is still available.

FAQ answer FMLA is considered unpaid job protected leave, however; Winthrop applies accrued sick leave concurrently with FMLA if the qualifying reason for FMLA leave is due to the employee's own serious health condition.  Therefore, if the employee requests the maximum of 12 weeks of FMLA due to the birth of a child, accrued sick leave time would be used during the time when the employee is considered medically incapacitated as indicated by the physician on the medical certification form.  Once the period of medical incapacity ends, the employee is allowed (but not required) to use annual leave for the remainder of the 12-week period to care for the employee's child after birth.

The state Human Resources Regulations outline specific reasons that sick leave may be used.  While the FMLA specifically allows for job protected leave for up to 12-weeks for the birth of a child, sick leave may only be used during the time when the employees is considered to be medically incapacitated.  Please see the Winthrop University Sick Leave Policy (pdf - 253 kb) and the Winthrop University Family and Medical Leave Act Policy (pdf - 252 kb) for more information.

Building Temperatures:  Why when it is cold/hot outside and buildings get cold/hot quickly, does the heat/AC have to be turned off?

On Fridays the temperatures are set back earlier than other days of the week. The typical set back temperatures are 80 degrees summer and 50 degrees winter.  Otherwise, for classroom buildings that have weeknight classes the temperature set back depends on the time of the last class. There is a building schedule on the Facilities Management website that shows occupied/unoccupied times for each building.  This effort saves $674,000 annually.  The University’s utility bill averages about $3,300,000 per year. Without this it would exceed $4,000,000 per year. 





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