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Staff Assembly

Standing Committees

  • Elections and Nominations:  Committee members on this committee will be responsible for presenting the slate of staff members nominated to serve on the Staff Assembly in March of each year.  The committee members will be responsible for conducting elections of representatives via the Assembly website in March of each year.  Committee members will review the votes and notify Staff Conference who is elected to serve on the Assembly.

                    Assembly Representative & Staff Chair Becky Best


  • Media & Communication:  Committee members on this committee will assist with all forms of communication, including helping the Historian with the newsletter.

                    Staff Chair:  Summersby Okey-Hamrick

                    Assembly Representative:  Kelly McGinnis


  • Professional Development:  Committee members will initiate staff development opportunities with appropriate offices and people.  The group will be sensitive to the wide variety of interests among staff members.

                    Staff Chair: Goldie Gildehaus

                    Assembly Representative:  Nicole Chisari


  • Campus & Community Involvement:  Committee members will coordinate social, volunteer, and other activities to provide staff with opportunities to interact outside of their normal job roles.

                    Staff ChairPam Varasso

                    Assembly Representative: Amanda Hackney


  • Recognition:  Committee members will increase awareness of the contributions of staff to Winthrop, and promote the recognition of outstanding staff.

                     Staff Chair:  Miranda Knight

                     Assembly Representative:  Jackie Concodora

Our Staff Members of the Month for the past year were:

July 2015- Carol Schlabach

August 2015- Terry Sexton

September 2015- Katie Sardelli

October 2015- Michelle Mitcham

November 2015- Jeannie Mann

December 2015- Brenda Watson

January 2016- Linda Mason

February 2016- Claire Weikle

March 2016- Warren Byrd

April 2016- Darlene Ledwell

May/June 2016- Charlie McDonald



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