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Department of Sociology and Anthropology
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Department of Sociology and Anthropology

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Sociology and Anthropology study human social behavior, culture, and the nature of society. Their subject matter ranges from the intimate family to mob behavior; from crime to religion; from the divisions based on race, sex and social class to the shared beliefs and actions of an entire society; from the rituals of hunting and gathering peoples, to tailgating at sporting events.

Class ProjectorFew fields of study have such a broad scope and relevance to contemporary problems and issues. The Bachelor of Arts program at Winthrop stresses social theory and research methods/statistics. It focuses on criminology and deviant behavior, the urban community, racial/ethnic relations, population, and the sociology of aging.

Concentrations in Criminology and Anthropology are offered.

The department's goal is to provide a well-rounded liberal arts program, exposing students to a wide variety of topics and disciplines.

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  • SOCL332 Sociology of Conflict and Conflict Management) can substitute for SOCL 330, 335, 337 or 525 in Sociology's Criminology Concentration or the Criminal Justice Minor, as one of the 6 required hours.


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