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Residence Life

Residence Life Staff Contact Information  

Reslife Professional Staff 2013

           (front, from left: De Wells, Mary Cahill, John Timmons, Emily Tobin, Emily Totherow, Julianne Schrader, Cindy Cassens, Miranda Knight; back, from left: Jessica Martin, Robert O'Hara, Michell Jaworski, Steve Wood, Steve Schuh, Amy Phillips, Howard Seidler)                                       

           Organizational Chart 

Central Staff

Cynthia Cassens
Assistant Vice President for Student Life
Director of Residence Life
Office: 237 DiGiorgio
Phone: 803-323-2223

Dawn Sayer
Assistant Director of Residence Life for Assignments and Administration
Office: 237 DiGiorgio
Phone: 803-323-2223 

Julianne Schrader
Assistant Director of Residence Life for Staff Development
Office: Margaret Nance 102

Howard Seidler
Associate Director for Residential Services
Office: 237 DiGiorgio

John Timmons
Assistant Director of Residence Life for Residence Education
Office: West Thomson 147

Emily Totherow
Assistant Director for Residential Services
Office: 237 DiGiorgio
Phone: 803-323-2223

Deborah Wells
Administrative Assistant
Office: 237 DiGiorgio
Phone: 803-323-2223

Residential Learning Coordinators

Amy Phillips
Residence Director, Roddey Apartments
Office: Roddey 101

Clarissa Elmore
Residential Learning Coordinator, Phelps Hall
Academic Associate
Office: Phelps 138

Emily Tobin
Residential Learning Coordinator, The Courtyard at Winthrop
Academic Associate
Office: Courtyard 201

Jessica Martin
Residential Learning Coordinator, Margaret Nance Hall
Academic Associate
Office: Margaret Nance 123

Mary Cahill
Residential Learning Coordinator, Wofford Hall
Academic Associate
Office: Wofford 110

Kasey Buie
Residential Learning Coordinator, Thomson Hall
Academic Associate
Office: West Thomson 141

Robert O'Hara
Residential Learning Coordinator, Lee Wicker Hall
Academic Associate
Office: Lee Wicker 135

Steve Schuh
Residential Learning Coordinator, Richardson Hall
Academic Associate
Office: Richardson 110