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Residence Life

Residence Life Staff Contact Information  

ProStaff Photo

   (front, from left: Jessica Martin, Jenn Hester, Julianne Schrader, John Timmons, Cindy Cassens 

second row, from left: De Wells, Amy Phillips, Amanda Marshall, Dawn Sayer, Chris LeGrand, Jo Crews

third row, from left: Daniel Allen, Steve Schuh, Clarissa Elmore, Howard Seidler, Corey Riley)

           Organizational Chart (PDF - 12 KB)

Central Staff

Cynthia Cassens
Assistant Vice President for Student Life
Director of Residence Life
Office: 237 DiGiorgio
Phone: 803-323-2223

Dawn Sayer
Assistant Director of Residence Life for Assignments and Administration
Office: 237 DiGiorgio
Phone: 803-323-2223 

Julianne Schrader
Assistant Director of Residence Life for Staff Development
Office: Margaret Nance 102

Howard Seidler
Associate Director for Residential Services
Office: 237 DiGiorgio

John Timmons
Assistant Director of Residence Life for Residence Education
Office: West Thomson 147

Christopher LeGrand
Assistant Director for Residential Services
Office: 237 DiGiorgio
Phone: 803-323-2223

Deborah Wells
Administrative Assistant
Office: 237 DiGiorgio
Phone: 803-323-2223

Residential Learning Coordinators

Corey Riley
Residence Director, Roddey Apartments
Office: Roddey 101

Clarissa Elmore
Residential Learning Coordinator, Phelps Hall
Academic Associate
Office: Phelps 138

Amanda Marshall
Residential Learning Coordinator, The Courtyard at Winthrop
Academic Associate
Office: Courtyard 201

Jessica Martin
Residential Learning Coordinator, Margaret Nance Hall
Academic Associate
Office: Margaret Nance 123

Amy Phillips
Residential Learning Coordinator, Wofford Hall
Academic Associate
Office: Wofford 110

Jenn Hester
Residential Learning Coordinator, Thomson Hall
Academic Associate
Office: West Thomson 141

Daniel Allen
Residential Learning Coordinator, Lee Wicker Hall
Academic Associate
Office: Lee Wicker 135

Steve Schuh
Residential Learning Coordinator, Richardson Hall
Academic Associate
Office: Richardson 110



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