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Move-In Information

For more detailed information on move-in for the Spring 2017 semester or the Fall 2017 semester, please click on one of the following links below.

Move-in details for Spring 2017

Move-in details for Fall 2017

Parking on Campus

For more information about parking on campus, please visit the Campus Police Parking Permit Registration and Pick-Up page.

Find out more information about parking for Courtyard residents by visiting the Instructions and Rules for Courtyard Parking Privileges page.

Academic Success Communities

Academic Success Communities house students together on a residential theme floor with others possessing similar academic and personal interests. Specific programs are designed around a floor's theme and are presented by residence life staff, faculty partners, and the residents themselves.

Find out more about our Academic Success Communities.

Amenities and Features


IMPORTANT: POLICY ON Hoverboards, Self-Balancing Scooters, Gyroscopes, in the Residence Halls

Due to the continued national safety concerns with “hoverboard” self-balancing electric scooters; particularly their tendency to spontaneously catch on fire, these devices are prohibited in the residence halls.

If you own one, please make sure that the device is not brought to campus. Several safety and consumer agencies are investigating numerous fires and injuries related to these devices. The extreme risk of fire caused by the lithium-ion rechargeable batteries in these devices makes them an unacceptable safety hazard in our communities.

Helpful Resources

Residence Hall Living

Personal Computer Safety

  • Student Technology Handbook

         For more information about technology on campus, view the Student Technology Handbook (PDF - 941 KB).     

  • C.L.A.W. Laptop Theft Prevention

         To protect your laptop, check out Operation C.L.A.W. Campus police provides this program to assist you in recovering your laptop easily if it is lost or stolen.

  • Campus Backup

         During the school year, over 40% of students lose a term paper, lecture notes or presentations due to computer issues. Now we have the solution! The campus back service provides automatic nightly backups or, single-click, anytime backups to a secure offsite location every night for your documents. You do          not need to pre-select documents or remember to back up every day. This software does everything for you.                    

Insurance Information

Part of college life includes taking suitable precautions with regard to personal belongings and being alert to suspicious activities within the residence halls. Regardless of these precautions, loss of personal property is sometimes inevitable. Our Student Handbook (PDF - 19.5 MB) clearly states that Winthrop University is not responsible for personal property owned by students, faculty or staff.

Find out more information on property insurance.

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