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Phelps Room Selection


The newly renovated Phelps Hall is reopening in Fall 2012 and will be even more attractive to returning students. Phelps is suite style like Lee Wicker and Thomson, but has a sink in every room. Phelps will also have 2 additional laundry rooms, a newly remodeled lobby, a new elevator, plus Wi-Fi. General Room selection for Phelps Hall has two phases for rising sophomores: 

Phelps Room Selection Schedule

Rising Sophomores

(Current 1st, 2nd, and 3rd semester sophomores plus Winthrop Scholars, Johnson Scholars and full-scholarship athletes)  

Thursday, February 23Fill All Spaces*
Women start at 9:30pm, Men start at 10pm
Ends Friday, February 24th at
12:00 Noon 

Monday, February 27— Remaining Available Spaces**
Women start at 9:30pm, Men start at 10pm
Ends Tuesday, February 28th at


Rising Juniors and Seniors

(Those currently beyond their 3rd semester at Winthrop)   

Thursday, March 22Fill All Spaces*
Women start at 11:00am, Men start at 11:30am
Ends Friday, March 23rd at
12:00 Noon 

Tuesday, March 27— Remaining Available Spaces**
Women start at 11:00am, Men start at 11:30am
Ends Wednesday, March 28th at
12:00 Noon 


 * Fill All Spaces: ONLY for groups of students who can fill all 4 bed spaces in a Phelps suite.   One student logs into Eaglesnest and then uses the Pull-in feature to fill the 3 remaining beds in the suite with selected roommates (using their “Pull-in” password).  Please note that you will not be able to complete Eaglesnest if you do not have enough roommates to fill the suite during this phase.  

** Available Open Spaces: This selection period is for students to select open beds in Phelps without having to select roommates in advance. However, if you do have a roommate choice, one person can login and then pull-in a roommate and/or suitemates depending on space availability in the suite.  


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