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All-Campus Championship Point System


League Sports: Flag Football, 6 on 6 Volleyball, 5 on 5 Basketball, Softball, Racquetball (singles/doubles), Sand Volleyball, Dodgeball and Soccer

Point Allocation:  Participation = 100 (Racquetball - 25 pts per person) 
Regular season win = 25 (Volleyball = 10 pts per game; Racquetball = 10 pts per person/team)

Sportsmanship:  (all games played including the playoffs)
Average of 4 = 50 points
Average of 3.0-3.99 = 25 points
Average of 2.0-2.99 = 5 points
Average of < 2.0 = -25 points

League Playoff Points:

Competitive League
First place:        80 points                       Second Place:    50 Points
Semifinalist:       20 points

Open League
First Place:       50 points                       Second Place:     25 Points
Semifinalist:      10 points

Forfeits: Two forfeits eliminate that team from the league. All points gained during the season in that particular sport are lost. When one forfeit occurs a team will lose 25 % of their points for that sport.

Team Tournament Sports: Dodgeball, Wiffle Ball, Spades, Foosball and 2 on 2 Sand Volleyball

Point Allocation: Participation = 50 points 
                         Win = 10 points

First place:        50 points                       Second place:      25 points
Semifinalists:     10 points

A maximum of 2 teams can be applied to the same team to earn points.

Individual Tournament Sports: Ping Pong, Texas Hold'em, Chess, Racquetball, Badminton, Video Game Challenges, 1 on 1 Basketball and Billiards/Pool

Point Allocation: Participation = 5 points 
                         Win = 5 points

First place:        25 points                       Second place:    15 points
Semifinalists:     5 points

A maximum of 10 singles participants can be applied to one team.


Contests / Special Events: Home Run Derby, Best Ball and Captain's Choice Golf Tournament and Disc Golf Tournament

Point Allocation:  Participation = 5 points

First place:        25 points                       Third place:       8 points
Second place:    15 points                       Fourth place:     5 points

A maximum of 10 singles participants can be applied to one team.

To receive points for the all-campus championship, teams must inform the Intramural Sports Staff at time of registration that you want your participation to be added to the all-campus point system.  Teams will not be allowed to receive points for their team after a tournament has been completed if they did not ask to accumulate their tournament points during registration.


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