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Intramural FAQs


What sports and events are offered?

Winthrop University offers over 30 different league sports and special event tournaments each year.  For a complete listing, visit the Intramural Sports Calendar page.


What are league sports?

League sports are most commonly played as a team with the exception of racquetball (individual or team).  Participants/teams play 5-6 games over a 4-5 week season followed by a single elimination tournament.  The intramural sports office creates game schedules based on team registrations and times.


What are special event tournaments?

Throughout the academic year, the intramural sports office will offer one-day tournaments for all members of the Winthrop University community.  The tournament formats are either single or double elimination, depending on the number of participants/teams that register to participate.  One-day tournaments allow students the opportunity to participate without the 4-5 week commitment like a league sport would require.


How do I register to play?

a.)  To register for league sports, log-in to your IMLeagues account to access all of the current sports that are being offered.  During the open registration dates, choose the sport that you are interested in playing and register your team for the available leagues.  Teams will have the option to choose the days and times they want to play.  League registration is on a first come-first serve basis, so if you want a specific day and time, sign-up early.

b.) If you do not have a team to register for a league sport, you have the option to sign-up as a free agent.  To sign-up as a free agent, log-in to your IMLeagues account, choose the sport you prefer to play and register yourself as a free agent.  If teams need extra players, team captains can access the free agent list and send invitations to join their team.  As a free agent, you also have the option to contact team captains requesting to join their team.  Discretion is left to the team captain to add any free agent to their team.

c.)  For all special event tournaments, registration begins 30 minutes before the scheduled start time at the tournament site.  Once the event starts, students will still be allowed to register as long as availability and time permits.


What is IMLeagues?

IMLeagues is Winthrop University’s intramural sports hub for all of the action.  The program is a sports site where students register for league sports, access their game schedules, standings, and connect with the Intramural Sports Program and other participants.  To create an IMLeagues account, go to the Intramural Sports home page for registration instructionsAll participants are required to have an IMLeagues account to play in a league sport.

What are mandatory captain’s meetings?

Once you have registered a team, you or a teammate are REQUIRED to attend a scheduled mandatory captain’s meeting for the sport you registered to play.  Team captains are sent a reminder email regarding their attendance at a captain’s meeting once they have registered for a league sport.  The date, time, and location of all captain’s meetings are posted on IMLeagues and the Intramural Sports Calendar page.  Even if you are a veteran of the sport, a team representative MUST be present at the meeting.  Captain’s meetings typically take 45 minutes and cover the specific sport rules, Intramural Sport Program policies, and eligibility.  If you do not have a team representative at the meeting, your team can be removed from the league and also be charged additional league fees.


Are there fees to play?

Yes, there is a small fee to participate.  For all league sports, there is a $15 forfeit fee that must be paid by the last day of registration for the sport you choose to play (typically the Friday before the season starts).  The fee is per team, not individual.  If your team does not forfeit during the season, you will be refunded your forfeit fee.  For teams that do not pay by the end of the registration period or do not attend a captain’s meeting, they MUST pay a NON-REFUNDABLE $15 fee in addition to the original forfeit fee to play in the league.


How do we know when we play?

When registration has ended, the Intramural Sports staff will create league schedules and post them to IMLeagues.  Captains will be notified through IMLeagues when schedules are available.  Players can access their team schedule by logging in to their IMLeagues account.


Where are intramural games and events played?

There are several different locations where intramural sports events take place.  For all indoor league sports, games are played in the West Center.  All outdoor league sports are played at the Winthrop softball complex, recreational fields, and sand volleyball courts.  These three facilities are located at the Winthrop Recreational and Research Complex.  Special event tournaments take place in the West Center, DiGiorgio Campus Center, and outside at the Recreational and Research Complex.


Are there team practices?

Teams coordinate their own practices.  You can practice as much or as little as you want, however, the Intramural Sports Program does not schedule times for teams to practice.  The West Center is open from 6:30am-11:00pm (Monday through Thursday) and select hours on the weekend for teams to practice.  Teams will have to adjust times around scheduled academic classes.  Since intramural sports teams cannot reserve space to practice, use of facility space is on a first come-first serve basis.  Teams can also practice at the recreational fields for outdoor sports.  Prior to practicing, teams are asked to contact the Assistant Director of Intramural and Club Sports for field availability.


What do I receive for winning a league or tournament?

All participants who win their respective league or tournament are awarded the coveted intramural sports champion t-shirt.


Still have questions?

The intramural sports office is located in 211 of the West Center and is open 8:30am-5:00pm Monday through Friday.  You can also email or call the Assistant Director for Intramural and Club Sports at or 803/323-2354.


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