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Office of Records and Registration

Graduation Steps

Our key responsibility in Records & Registration is to serve our students the best possible way we can and to provide them with a continuously exceptional experience. This includes the process of preparing our undergraduate students for graduation. By educating and encouraging students to take the following steps, we hope their pathway towards graduation is a success! (Graduate students, please visit the Graduate School website for graduation information.)

Steps Toward Graduation:

Congratulations on taking your next steps towards graduation from Winthrop University!

Students should begin graduation process upon earning 87 hours.

STEP 1: Check your Wingspan/Degree Progress Report information to be sure that the following information is accurate.


The Degree Progress Report is based on this information. If the information is incorrect, please visit your Student Services office to update your information.

STEP 2: Submit a Graduation Application.

Apply for undergraduate graduation here.

Application for Graduation filing fees:

• Undergraduate $50
• Undergraduate $50 PLUS $25 Late fee after first established deadline
• Undergraduate $50 PLUS $50 Late fee after established deadline during semester of anticipated graduation

Application DEADLINES: Completed forms must be received in the Office of Records and Registration, 126 Tillman, by:

• February 1st for August and December graduation
• September 15th for May graduation

Once your application is processed, a receipt of your graduation application will be noted at the bottom of your Degree Progress Report worksheet.

Diploma orders are based on the information provided on your application. Please make sure you list the "Name to appear on diploma" where listed.

STEP 3: PRECLEAR REVIEW will be completed.

The Records staff will verify that all your coursework has been applied in the proper requirement areas. Any corrections will be made at this time and substitutions, college petitions, cultural event adjustments for transfer students, university-wide petitions, etc. will also be updated to your Degree Progress Report within DegreeWorks. Once our office is satisfied that your Degree Progress Report is displaying your Remaining Requirements for graduation, the following phrase will be noted on the bottom of your Degree Progress Report: "A Pre-Clear Review has been completed for Graduation". An email will be sent to you and to your advisor when this step has been completed.

For those students whose catalog is prior to 06-07, PRECLEAR REVIEWS will be completed manually. You and your advisor will be emailed a PRECLEAR REVIEW letter with your remaining requirements listed.

If you find our records do not agree with yours, please visit or call the Office of Records & Registration for additional assistance.


A Graduation Term Check will be completed during your final semester. You and your advisor will be emailed once the term check is completed.  Applicants with problems (i.e. if a student has not enrolled in courses still needed) or with any outstanding/pending issues (i.e. substitutions, transfer work, incomplete grades, etc.) will be notified by email. All applicants will have a Graduation Term Check noted on the bottom of your Degree Progress Report Worksheet. If you receive an email from our office regarding pending issues, please be sure to resolve your issue as quickly as possible.


Click here to review the latest Commencement Information on your upcoming commencement day.


The Grad Finale is held in the Fall and Spring semesters. Students may attend these events during the semester in which they are preparing to graduate. Students are able to order their cap, gown, announcements, and ring, as well as receive information about the commencement ceremony.


Students will be cleared for graduation in the Fall and Spring semesters beginning the Thursday prior to the commencement ceremony. The graduation applicant will be notified of their graduation status through their Degree Progress Report within DegreeWorks.

All August graduates will be cleared and a notification on your Degree Progress Report will be posted the day of graduation.



An important part of Winthrop's commitment to provide the best possible education, experiences, and services is the evaluation of our programs from the perspective of our students. The Graduating Senior Survey provides you with an opportunity to give Winthrop University feedback so we can continue to meet that commitment. Your responses are confidential and will help Winthrop improve learning opportunities for others.

You will receive an e-mail containing a hyperlink to the Graduating Senior Survey by the Monday prior to the commencement ceremony. The survey should take approximately 10-15 minutes. Questions about the survey should be directed to the Office of Assessment at (803) 323-4576 or



Only graduating candidates who successfully complete all requirements will be eligible to participate in the commencement ceremony. We make every attempt to inform you prior to commencement if you have not met requirements for graduation.

All August graduates are invited to attend the December Commencement Ceremony.


Failure to Apply

Failing to apply for graduation on time may result in the following:

  • Taking the wrong classes, resulting in a later graduation date.
  • Taking unneeded classes, resulting in added expenses.
  • Not being cleared to graduate, resulting in a degree not being awarded.
  • Late fees incurring with a late application for graduation.
  • Not being admitted on a timely basis (or at all if lacking requirements) to graduate programs.
  • Not having a diploma available upon graduation because of late ordering.
  • Not having your name in the Commencement Program.
  • Having no reader card (used to announce your name) printed for the ceremony.
  • Not having your name printed in your town newspaper listing graduates.
  • Risking difficulty in obtaining employment because confirmation of a degree being awarded can not be given.