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Office of Records and Registration


Building Codes
BANC Bancroft Hall
BYRN Byrnes Auditorium
CARR Carroll Hall
CHAP Memorial Chapel
CMUS Conservatory of Music
CRHC Crawford Health Center
CTBY Canterbury House
DACU Dacus Library
DINK Dinkins Student Center
INTR Via Internet
JOHN Johnson Building
JOYN Joynes Hall
KINA Kinard Building
LEEW Lee Wicker Hall
LSCI Life Sciences Building
MACF Macfeat Nursery School
MARG Margaret Nance Hall
MCBR McBryde Hall
MCLA McLaurin Hall
OWEN Owens
PHEL Phelps Hall
PRES President's Home
RICH Richardson Hall
RODD Roddey Hall
RUTL Rutledge Building
SIMS Sims Science Building
SITE Site with Numbers for Off-Campus Courses
STEW Stewart House
TBA To Be Announced
THOM Thomson Hall
THUR Thurmond Building
TILL Tillman Hall
WCOL Winthrop Coliseum
WEST West Center
WITH Withers Building
WOFF Wofford Hall




























Days of the Week Codes
M Monday
T Tuesday
W Wednesday
R Thursday
F Friday
S Saturday
U Sunday


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