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Office of the President
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Board of Visitors


Article I - Organization.

  1. There is hereby created an unincorporated association to be known as the Winthrop University Board of Visitors.

Article II - Purpose and Function.

  1. The Board of Visitors shall be a volunteer service organization of Winthrop University.
  2. In this role, the association shall have the following functions:
  1. to assist the University in promoting and advocating the overall quality and excellence of the University;
  2. to advise and assist the University in interpreting the mission, programs, accomplishments and aspirations of the University;
  3. to help keep the University informed of attitudes, opinions, concerns and expectations related to higher education in general and Winthrop University specifically; and
  4. to advise and assist the University with respect to the advancement of the University in all aspects of its mission.

Article III - Membership.

  1. The Board of Visitors shall consist of no less than fifteen and no more than thirty members. Each of the six Congressional districts of South Carolina will be represented on the Board of Visitors.
  2. The primary qualification for membership in the association shall be a commitment to actively advance the mission and standing of Winthrop University.
  3. Members shall be appointed by the President of Winthrop University to serve one three-year term ending January 1 of the appropriate year. Any person who has served one three-year term shall be eligible for re-appointment for a second term. Any vacancy that occurs in the membership shall be filled for the balance of the unexpired term by appointment by the President of Winthrop University.
  4. The President of Winthrop University shall solicit recommendations for membership appointments from the Trustees of the University, the Executive Officers of the University, the Executive Board of the Alumni Association, the Winthrop University Foundation Board, the Winthrop University Real Estate Foundation Board, and other individuals and organizations as appropriate for fulfilling the purposes of the Board of Visitors.

Article IV - Meetings.

  1. Meetings of the association shall be called by the President of Winthrop University and, with the exception of unusual circumstances, will take place twice annually, once during the Fall Semester and once during the Spring Semester.
  2. Such meetings may be held at any time and place specified in the call of the meeting.