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Campus Police

Campus Police

WU Watch

Program Overview

WU WatchWU Watch was designed as a simple, yet powerful app that works on your Apple or Android smartphone and which allows a user to report crimes or submit tips directly to the Winthrop University Police Department.  With WU Watch, reporting crimes and submitting tips has never been easier.  WU Watch empowers citizens, visitors, or members of Winthrop University with the tools they need to help build a safer campus community.


WU Watch includes several features that assist in helping keep the campus and surrounding area of Winthrop University safe and secure, such as:

  • Report Incidents: Allows users to report crimes or other emergencies including Theft, Harassment, Altercation, Sex Crime, Motor Vehicle Crash, Vandalism, Drugs, and Medical, quickly, discretely, and efficiently.  This provides the Winthrop University Police Department with timely, clearer information directly from the scene of a crime or situation.  WU Watch assists the campus community by enabling them with a simple user experience to make reporting crime easy and effective.  The app also has the ability to capture and attach GPS embedded image, video, audio, and crime tip descriptions.
  • Safety Box: Includes a number of tools designed to keep one safe, such a Flashlight, an Emergency Map, a Law Enforcement Resource page, and Alert Notification History section.
  • Check In: Allows users to notify family and friends when they have arrived at their destination safely, or if they are simply running late, with GPS embedded coordinates.
  • Alert Notification: Allows the Winthrop University Police Department to send timely, warning emergency notifications straight to the user's smartphone, alerting them of an emergency situation on or surrounding the campus of Winthrop University.

Begin Helping To Build A Safer Campus Community

Reporting crimes or other emergencies to the Winthrop University Police Department has never been easier.  With a few simple clicks, users can now submit GPS embedded crime tips that can include text, photo, video, and audio of crimes and emergencies.  To begin helping build a safer campus community, follow the instructions below:

  1. Download WU Watch from the iTunes or Android Marketplace.
  2. Once installed, fill out the user information page.
  3. If you witness a crime or other emergency, open the WU Watch app, simply click on the Report Incident icon, click on the corresponding category, enter the description, and include photo, video, or audio recording evidence of the scene.  When finished, press "Send Report" and the information is on its way to the Winthrop University Police Department.

Submit Tips or Other Information Online

Citizens, visitors, or members of Winthrop University who do not have an Apple or Android smartphone can still report a crime or submit tips by completing the WU Watch Online Reporting Form.  The submitted information will be forwarded to the Winthrop University Police Department for review and further investigation. 

Campus Police
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