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Low Ropes & Group Initiatives Course (GIC)OEC Activity

Low ropes and group initiatives course (GIC) sessions revolve around a purpose of strengthening interaction between group members and developing group relations. Being more of the structured team-building session, these programs can be very effective in that they can be customized to emphasize or target specific group needs.


Common themes of low ropes & GIC sessions include:

  • communication
  • trust
  • decision-making
  • positive risk-taking
  • problem-solving
  • leadership development
  • self-confidence

In Low Ropes & GIC programs, groups or team members are presented with a series of challenges through which they must work and progress collectively. Time is given after each activity for personal and group reflection and discussion in structured debriefing sessions.

A minimum of ten participants is required for a Low Ropes & GIC session.  

Low Ropes Elements include: The Mohawk Walk, Wild Woosey, TP Shuffle, The “X”, All Aboard, and the 12’ Wall (the Wall is strictly for 8th grade and older)!

High Ropes Course

Melissa Help OEC

The adventurous high ropes course is another very strong and effective team-builder as it provides individual group members with a common challenge! Participants will face their fears as they climb 25ft up into the course wearing their protective harnesses, helmets, and static ropes. While on the course, participants will navigate their way through a series of bridges and challenges that stretch between giant sweet gum trees. Upon completion of the final element, participants will be awarded the thrilling zip-line finish! On the high ropes, individuals face and conquer fear. Self-confidence is fostered. There’s no way to measure the impact that such an experience can have in the life of an individual!

A minimum of ten participants is required for a High Ropes Course adventure!  

High & Low Ropes/GIC Combo Session

OEC Ground

Combine our two programs into one unforgettable experience! Group or team members will be challenged collectively on the low ropes & GIC before facing the more individualized challenge of the adventurous high ropes course! The combo session is typically a full-day session, lasting anywhere between 4-8 hrs.

A minimum of ten participants is required for a High & Low Ropes/GIC workshop!

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