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Department of Mathematics
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Department of Mathematics

The mathematics faculty is committed to ongoing scholarly activity that includes searching for new mathematical results, placing modern mathematics in its cultural and educational context, producing pedagogical materials of high quality, working with area K-12 educators, and consulting with area businesses and organizations.

The faculty also serves the Winthrop community by providing counsel on mathematical and statistical issues, and the faculty serves the larger community through consulting and participation in discipline-specific professional organizations.

Most undergraduate students will intersect with the Department in MATH 150, MATH 151, or MATH 101. An online Mathematics Placement Exam is available to all students (incoming, transfer, and current) to determine which course is best for each student.

The Department of Mathematics operates a Mathematics Tutorial Center where students enrolled in all mathematics courses may obtain individual assistance. In addition, some courses will use tutoring software which is available for students in BANC 173 and SIMS 114.

The Department embraces the use of technology: all students in calculus courses are now required to take MAED 200: Introduction to Mathematica. This course introduces students to Mathematica, which is a mathematical software package of amazing power.

For information about the Mathematics Placement Exam, visit the Math Placement Exam webpage.

If you are interested in participating in undergraduate research in mathematics, check out our document on Paths to Undergraduate Research Experiences (pdf - 298KB).



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