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Majors and More

Majors and More

Theatre and Dance Programs

Bachelor of Arts in Dance

Students may choose the Liberal Arts Emphasis or Teacher Certification (K-12).

Minor in Dance

The Dance minor is a 18-hour program: Technique - 3 credit hours in Modern Dance and 2 credit hours in Ballet;

  • DANT 200 (1) Improvisation
  • DANT 298 (3) Dance Appreciation
  • DANA 251 (1) Jazz Technique I or DANA 252 (1) Jazz Technique II

2 additional hours selected from

  • DANA 443 (1) Dance Production: Practicum
  • DANA 444 (1) Dance Performance: Practicum OR
  • THRA 173

And 6 credit hours of DANT/DANA electives or THRT 115 or THRA 173.  Six hours must be in courses numbered above 299.

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