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Majors and More

Bachelor of Arts in Art

Students may choose between a General Art or Certification as a K-12 Art Teacher.  For Bachelor of Fine Arts majors, visit the Fine Arts concentration page.

Bachelor of Arts in Art History

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Art History offers a student the opportunity to obtain strong academic training that will lead to graduate study in art history or to employment in a visual arts field.

Minor in Art

The minor in fine arts consists of 18 semester hours of ARTS:

  • ARTS 101 (3) Two-Dimensional Design
  • ARTS 102 (3) Three-Dimensional Design I
  • ARTS 120 (3) Drawing I
  • ARTS 121 (3) Figure Drawing

And 6 hours of ARTS or ARTH from courses numbered above 299.

Minor in Art History

The minor in art history consists of 15 semester hours to include

  • ARTH 175 (3) Introduction to Art History from Prehistory Through the Middle Ages
  • ARTH 176 (3) Introduction to Art History from the Renaissance to the Present

And 9 hours above 299.

Minor in Art-Photography

The minor in photography consists of 18 semester hours of ARTS including

  • ARTS 101 (3) Two-Dimensional Design
  • ARTS 205 (3) Photo Media Studies
  • ARTS 281 (3) Computer Imaging in Design
  • ARTS 364 (3) Digital Photography
  • ARTS 365 (3) Color Photography
  • ARTS 472 (3) Editorial Photography OR
  • ARTS 474 (3) Studio Lighting for Photography


Master of Arts in Arts Administration

The Master of Arts in Arts Administration graduate degree program is for individuals, with experience in arts organizations, seeking to enhance their effectiveness and increase their career opportunities as arts administration professionals. The emphasis of the degree is on leadership in not-for-profit arts organizations with special focus on the visual arts, dance, music, theatre, museum, cultural institution and performing arts administration.

Graduate Certificate in Arts Administration

The Certificate in Arts Administration is designed for individuals with fundamental, entry-level experience in non-profit arts organizations who seek to begin careers or enhance their effectiveness as arts administration professionals. This certificate is ideal for individuals who want advanced credentials and professional connections without the larger time commitment and academic requirements of a master's degree. It consists of 18 credit hours:

  • ARTA 600 (3) Principles and Practices of Arts Administration
  • ARTA 610 (3) Leadership, Management, and Organizational Structure
  • ARTA 650 (3) Arts Administration and the Law
  • ARTA 620 (3) Marketing the Arts
  • ARTA 630 (3) Financial Analysis, Budgeting, and Fiscal Management
  • ARTA 640 (3) Sustainability: Funding, Development and Grants

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