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Majors and More

Majors and More

Sociology and Anthropology Programs

Bachelor of Arts in Sociology

Students may choose from General SociologyConcentration in Criminology, or Concentration in Anthropology.

Minor in Anthropology

The minor in anthropology consists of 18 semester hours to include

And 9 additional hours in Anthropology, six of which must be above 299. Anthropology minors may include no more than a total of three hours from any combination of

Minor in Criminal Justice

The minor in Criminal Justice consists of 18 semester hours to include

6 hours from:

  • SOCL 330 (3) Sociology of Deviant Behavior
  • SOCL 335 (3) Law Enforcement & Social Control
  • SOCL 337 (3) Corrections
  • SOCL 525 (3) Sociology of Law

And 3 additional hours from

Minor in Sociology

The minor in sociology consists of 18 semester hours of SOCL:

And at least 15 additional hours in SOCL, six hours of which must be courses numbered above 299. Both SOCL 101 and 201 can be applied toward the minor requirements.

Sociology minors are limited to a total of three hours credit in

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