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Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science

Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science  

General Education


Semester Hours

ACAD 101 Principles of the Learning Academy


Shared Skills and Proficiencies
Writing and Critical Thinking    
WRIT 101 Composition


    HMXP 102      Human Experience 3
CRTW 201 Critical Reading, Thinking & Writing


    Oral Communication See approved list; 3
     CSCI 101 & 3 from CSCI 101A, B, C, F or P Intro to Comp & Info Processing & Labs 3
    Intensive Writing Met in major with PESH 381 0
    Constitution Requirement See approved list; may be met with other requirement 0-3
    Physical Activity Met in major with PESH 102 0
Thinking Critically Across Disciplines    
Global Perspectives See approved list;


Historical Perspectives See approved list;


Introducing Students to Broad Disciplinary Perspectives


Social Science See approved list; must include 2 designators; 3 hours met in major with PSYC 101


Humanities and Arts See approved list; must include 2 designators


Quantitative Skills and Natural Science (3 courses)  
    Quantitative Skills See approved list 3-4
Natural Science Met in major with BIOL 203/204 & CHEM 105


Subtotal   34-37
Exercise Science Core  


EXSC 101 Intro to Exercise Science


EXSC 484/486 Exercise Physiology II and Lab


EXSC 511 Physical Activity for Special & Aging Populations


    EXSC 492 Certification Seminar in Exercise Science 1
    EXSC 494 Portfolio in Exercise Science 2
EXSC 496 Internship


HLTH 300 Personal & Community Health


HLTH 406 Exercise & Health Promotion


PESH 102 Weight Training


EXSC 208 or 231 Weight Control Through Diet & Exercise; Fitness for Life


PESH 242 Motor Learning & Control


PESH 201 First Aid & CPR


PESH 381 Research Methods in Phys Activity & Sports Mgmt


EXSC 382 Biomechanics


EXSC 384 Exercise Physiology I


EXSC 385 Exercise Physiology I Lab


    EXSC 401 Psychology of Sport & Physical Activity 3
    EXSC 465 Strength & Conditioning 3
EXSC 480 Exercise Testing & Prescription


EXSC 481 Exercise Testing & Prescription Lab


    PSYC 101 General Psychology 3
   SPMA 501 Admin of Sport and Phys Ed Programs 3
Scientific Foundation Core  


BIOL 203/204 Principles of Biology & Lab


BIOL 307 Anatomy


BIOL 308 Human Physiology


NUTR 221 Food & Nutrition


CHEM 105 General Chemistry I


Electives   3-6


All students seeking Junior level acceptance to the Exercise Science (EXSC) Program must be formally admitted before they are allowed to continue in the advanced EXSC courses or go on Internship. Transfer students will undergo a review of their transcripts. Appropriate transfer courses will be accepted if deemed equivalent by Winthrop University Admissions, College of Education, and EXSC faculty.

Exercise Science Admissions Criteria

After 30 hours, all exercise science majors must have a minimum 2.25 cumulative GPA in all undergraduate coursework at Winthrop.  All students seeking Junior level acceptance to the Exercise Science (EXSC) Program must be formally admitted before they are allowed to continue in the advanced EXSC courses or enroll in the Internship semester.

All applicants for admission into the EXSC Program must meet the following requirements:

1.  Complete a minimum of 60 semester hours. Transfer students with 60 hours will be evaluated after one semester coursework at Winthrop. 

2.  Achieve a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.5 for all coursework. 

3.  Complete or enroll in BIOL 307 or BIOL 308 (or equivalent).   Students who do not earn a grade of “C-” or better may be given probationary status in EXSC.

4.  Submit an Application packet for admission to the EXSC Program to the Program Director (PD) March 15 or October 15  that includes:

     a.  EXSC application form.

     b.  an admission essay (500 words, 2 pages double spaced in Times New Roman 12 point font) that details the student’s careers goals and current progress towards these           career goals.

     c.  two professional letters of recommendation.

5.  Undergo a standardized interview with the Admission Selection Committee comprised of the Program Director, one additional EXSC faculty member, one off-campus exercise scientist or other allied health professional (when available), and two current EXSC students (when available).


Continuation in the EXSC Program

For admission to EXSC internship:

1.  Completion of BIOL 307 and 308 with labs with “C-” or better. 

2.  Minimum of 2.5 cumulative GPA. 

3.  Formal acceptance into EXSC Program 

4.  Advisor and program approval. 

For Graduation:

1.  Minimum of 2.5 cumulative GPA. 

2.  Completion of all internship required hours and supporting documents (EXSC 494/496).

3.  Take national NCCA-accredited B.S. level certification exam (EXSC 492)  



Students denied admission to EXSC and/or dismissed from EXSC may appeal to the selection committee in the following steps:

1.  Submit a letter of appeal to the Program Director and the Chair of the Department of Physical Education, Sport and Human Performance. The letter should detail how the student believes he/she has met the appropriate criteria.

2.  Each appeal will be reviewed by an appeals committee comprised of the Chair of the Department of Physical Education, Sport and Human Performance and two faculty members of the Chair’s choice.

3.  Upon review of the appeal, the Appeals Committee may request input from the selection committee and the student may request in writing an open discussion with the Appeals Committee to explain his/her position.

4.  The Appeals Committee will submit a written document to the student and to the Program Director, regarding the decision on the student’s status.

5.  All Appeals Committee decisions remain confidential and final.

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