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Majors and More

Majors and More

College of Business Administration

Bachelor of Arts in Economics

Economics provides students with an analytical training that is a valuable asset in any career. Many graduates enter the workforce directly and find employment in such diverse areas as banking and finance, management, government service, labor relations, policy research, sports management, consulting, journalism, and marketing. Other students use economics as a foundation for graduate programs in law, business, economics, and policy studies.


General Education Courses Semester Hours
ACAD 101 Principles of the Learning Academy 1
Critical Skills    
  Writing and Critical Thinking    
  WRIT 101 Composition 3
  CRTW 201 Critical Reading, Thinking, Writing 3
  Quantitative Skills    
  MATH 105 or 201 Calculus for Managerial and Life Sciences or Calculus I 3-4
  Technology    3
  CSCI 101 and CSCI 101B and CSCI 101C Introduction to Computers and Information Processing, Microsoft Excel and Access  
  and either CSCI 101A or 101P Using Microsoft Windows, Frontpage and Powerpoint  
  Oral Communication    
  WRIT 465 Preparation of Oral & Written Reports 3
  QMTH 205 and 206 Applied Statistics I and II 6
Skills for Common Experience and Thinking Across Disciplines  
  HMXP 102 (C- or better required) The Human Experience: Who Am I? 3
  Global Perspectives See approved list    3
  Historical Perspectives See approved list 3
Developing Critical Skills and Applying them to Disciplines  
  Social Science 6 hours met in major with ECON 215 and 216  
  See approved list ; may not use ECON designator 3
  Humanities and Arts See approved list ; must include 2 designators 6
  Natural Science See approved list ; must include a lab science 7
  Intensive Writing Met with WRIT 465 above 0
  Constitution Requirement See approved list ; may be met in another area 0-3
Economics Courses   30
  ECON 215 Principles of Microeconomics 3
  ECON 216 Principles of Macroeconomics 3
  ECON 315 Microeconomic Analysis 3
  ECON 316 Macroeconomic Analysis 3
  Six courses from: ECON above 299  18
Minor   15-24
Electives   16-35
Total   124

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