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Bachelor of Fine Arts

Students may choose a concentration in one of the following areas

General Studio

General Studio acknowledges the variety of skills required for a successful career in the visual arts. The program also acknowledges the importance of developing and nurturing the citizen artist who can navigate the ideas and challenges of our time. Please look at the other B.F.A. concentrations to gather basic ideas about the disciplines within the Department of Fine Arts. Though Drawing is not listed as a concentration, it can be used within the General Studio area


The Ceramic program at Winthrop University is an exciting and energetic area. Students are expected to become proficient with the basic techniques of handbuilding and the use of the potter’s wheel before they are allowed to develop their own creative direction as upperclassmen.


The jewelry and metals curriculum is designed to meet the diverse interests of the students investigating the contemporary field of Fine Arts in metals and jewelry design. By focusing the program toward a spectrum of processes and methodologies associated with the craft, a student experiences numerous projects that deal with form, function, concept and technique.


Studies in painting at Winthrop look in depth at conceptual interests along with the development of technical skills to enable personal and collaborative visions to be realized. Traditional still life and figurative painting are only part of a structured program of study which examines all levels of contemporary trends and styles.


Studies in photography consist of a careful balance between the development of the student's personal interests and the acquisition of technical skills. As each student moves through the program they build a command of technique, meet the challenges of aesthetic debate, learn about opportunities for work after graduation and are given some of the essential business information which will help them survive and prosper in the professional market.


The printmaking program at Winthrop is designed around a thorough technical education in the traditional techniques of etching, lithography and the relief processes of woodcut and linocut. This, combined with a challenging questioning environment towards subject-matter and its relevance to contemporary art and the student's personal interests, is founded on strong drawing skills.


The sculpture program at Winthrop is designed to introduce students to both traditional and contemporary ways of making sculpture. The program emphasizes the development of technical, creative and cognitive skills through an energetic hands on approach to creating sculpture.

Master of Fine Arts

The Department of Fine Arts offers the Master of Fine Arts degree in Studio Art which provides students with an opportunity to develop a program based on evolving contemporary issues in visual arts.

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