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Leadership Studies
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Leadership Studies

About the Program

Winthrop University’s Leadership Studies enriches the college experience by developing and enhancing leadership skills for highly talented and motivated students. This program creates a community of learners who pursue leadership opportunities while acquiring, focusing, and using new leadership skills.

Students will gain enhanced knowledge and understanding of specific leadership theories, concepts, and models, preparing them for leadership responsibilities in their careers, in their community, and in the world. Leadership Studies, with its courses and attendant opportunities, will broaden the undergraduate educational experience for motivated and socially responsible students.

Isaac, Andre


“Leadership means motivating a group and encouraging
its members to grow, to challenge themselves, and
to move forward. Leadership encompasses understanding
how to work with diverse groups of people and
understanding how each one fits in your organization.”

~ André Isaac

Aubrie, Christopher




“I communicate with diverse populations, deal with
pertinent issues concerning the students and people
of Rock Hill and understand the importance of giving
back to those who gave you the opportunity to serve.”

~ Christopher Aubrie