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Instructional Technology Center
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Integrating Technology into the Classroom
Social Studies (9-12)

Ask your mentor teacher or media specialist what types of technology are available in the school and how you go about accessing them.  For example, can you check out digital cameras or a projector from the media specialist?  Second, read your school’s Acceptable Use Policy and find out if all the students in your class have permission to go online.

Teachers Using Technology in Classrooms

  1. Create a graphic organizer for a concept in Word or Inspiration.  Ask your mentor teacher or the media specialist if Inspiration is available in your school.
  2. Use a WebQuest that has been developed already to teach a topic.
  3. If you are lucky enough to be in a classroom with a digital whiteboard, ask your mentor teacher how to use it!
  4. Create a PowerPoint presentation to teach a topic.
  5. Use the Internet to look up interesting facts about the subject you are teaching.

Students Using Technology in Classrooms

  1. Have students go online and visit historical places.
  2. Have students create a digital video such as:
    a. Newscast
    b. Documentary
    c. Interview
    d. Public service announcement
  3. Have students develop a PowerPoint presentation on an historical or political science topic.
  4. Have students go online and look at different news websites.  Have them compare and contrast the sites.  Look at when the sites post the news, and how fast the sites update.  Students can develop a spreadsheet and see which site has the latest information.
  5. Have students plan a trip to another country.  They need to have an itinerary.  They can use the Internet for pictures or a scanner.  Have students present their trip to the class using a multimedia presentation (PowerPoint).  They need to explain the historical and political significance of why they visited certain spots.