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Integrating Technology into the Classroom
Art (K-12)


Teachers Using Technology in Classrooms

  1. Create a Multimedia presentation to teach an Art topic:
    a. Art techniques
    b. Different mediums and textures
    c. Different types of art, etc.
    d. Art History lessons
  2. Use the Internet to research artists and show their work to the students.
  3. Create a CD for your students at the end of the year as their art portfolio.

Students Using Technology in Classrooms

1. Students can take virtual tours of art museums around the world.

2. Students can use art programs to draw pictures.  For younger kids, you can use Kid Pix.

3. Have students complete a multimedia presentation on an artist.  The students can use the Internet along with other resources to research information.  They also can use a scanner or digital camera.

4. Have students demonstrate how to complete a drawing, painting, or other technique by videotaping themselves to show the class.

5. Throughout the year, have the students compile their work to create a digital portfolio.  Their images can be captured in a CD, or on a web site.

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