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Instructional Technology Center
Instructional Technology Center photo collage

 Integrating Technology into the Classroom - Early Childhood Education (PK-3)


Use a program like Kid Pix to have students draw what they are studying in class.

a. Daily routine        
b. Illustrate something from a book (character, setting, plot)

c. Making a sandwich
d. Series of activities (first, second, third)

Digital Photos

Have students take digital pictures of:
a. Things around school that start with a, b, c…
b. Shapes that have certain characteristics like 3 sides, parallel lines, right angles, etc.
c. Daily activities, starting with the beginning of the day and going through the end of the day.


Make a class slideshow using Kid Pix or individual presentations using PowerPoint.

Making Connections

Read a book to students.  Look up the author on the Internet.  See what other books he/she has written.  See if there is a way to communicate with author, like email, skype or writing letters.