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Instructional Technology Center
Instructional Technology Center photo collage

General Technology Integration Ideas

Graphic Organizers

Use Inspiration, Kidspiration, or an online graphic organizer like or Graphic Map from ReadWriteThink to help brainstorm or think through ideas.

Digital Cameras

Use digital cameras to take photos of:

  • Things around school that start with the letter a, b, c…
  • Nouns, verbs, adjectives, rhyming words
  • Angles, patterns
  • Types of clouds, types of trees
  • Concepts such as citizenship, solution/mixture
  • How to perform a skill (use a piece of equipment, kick, throw, cook)

Put the photos into a PowerPoint presentation, Word document or other tool to elaborate on the concept learned.


Conduct research using the Internet as a resource.  Check to see what  databases your school has access to.  Ask your mentor teacher or media specialist how to access these sites.  SCETV also has excellent web resources available at   Don’t forget to remind students about citing sources and avoiding plagiarism.

Digital Videos

Have students create a digital video such as:

  • Documentary
  • Interview
  • Public service announcement
  • Play
  • Performing a skill (kicking, throwing, playing an instrument)

Audio Recordings

Have students produce an audio recording such as:

  • Newscast
  • Documentary
  • Interview
  • Public service announcement


Have students graph:

  • Weather patterns (temperature, etc.)
  • Compare forecasts with the actual weather
  • Resting and active heart rate
  • Election results
  • Temperatures in different cities
  • Nutritional information for different foods (calories, fat content, protein)