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Inauguration Celebration of Winthrop University's 10th President
Jayne Marie (Jamie) Comstock

About Inauguration

Investiture Ceremony

The Investiture Ceremony is among the oldest of traditions in academia. With its origins in English universities, investiture comes from the Latin phrase for "dress in robe." In the higher education realm, the term has come to mean one who will literally don the university's insignia and regalia.

The installation of a president is a ceremony of dignity with many academic traditions and protocols. An academic procession takes place that includes delegates from other colleges and universities, as well as faculty of the host institution. The colorful academic regalia of all the institutions represented in the processional is notable. The ceremony typically features musical selections, greetings from university and community groups, introduction of the president, an address from the president, singing of the Alma Mater, and the recessional.

The investiture of a president is a seminal event in the life of a university. Since Winthrop’s founding in 1886, 10 presidents have led the institution. Dr. Jayne Marie (Jamie) Comstock will be the seventh to have participated in a formal Inauguration.

Onward. Upward. Winthrop Ever Stand.
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