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Tutor Assessment Form

This form is intended for tutors to fill out upon completion of tutoring session regarding the student experience. Payment for your session will not occur until you have completed this survey.

Student Assessment Form
First name:
Last name:
Full name of student tutored:
Residence hall where session occurred:
Appointment date:
Appointment time:
Which subject/class did you work on?
Did the student show up for the appointment?
Was the student on time for the appointment?  
How long did the session last?  
Did you thoroughly review the tutoring rules and procedures with the student prior to beginning?
Did the student bring the materials necessary for a productive session?  
Please rate the following on a scale from 1 (poor) through 5 (excellent):
Student's willingness to work:
Student's attention during session:  
Your own preparation:  
Focus during session (stayed on topic):
Progress made during session:  
Please give us any suggestions you can for making the tutoring experience easier, more productive, or more beneficial in any way based on this session. Comments about the student are also welcome as long as they are professional and specific.

At any point during your tutorial, did you feel uncomfortable or endangered or did anything inappropriate occur?

If yes, please provide details about what occurred. If you would prefer not to do so here, please contact Jenn Hester, Residential Learning Coordinator or Ms. Cynthia Cassens, Director of Residence Life.


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