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House Calls

About the Program

House Calls is a program that provides free tutoring for resident students who need emergency help in certain classes. House Calls provides tutors when and where they are needed the most - right in the residence halls. Tutoring occurs in the evening hours, when other resources may not be available, in less formal settings and with only one tutoring session going on in the room at any given time. Students can Request an Appointment or email us for more information.


 Tutoring will be offered for the following courses in Spring 2017:

BIOL 150

SPAN 102

CSCI 208

PSYC 198

PESH 203

CRTW 201

WRIT 101

MATH 104

PSYC 206

EDUC 101

HMXP 102

CSCI 101, 101 A-C

QMTH 104

MGMT 321

PSYC 101

MATH 150

BADM 180

ECON 103

MKTG 380

GEOG 101

SPAN 101

CSCI 207

ECON 215

HIST 211

NURT 221


Please Note: Tutors for writing courses are not allowed to edit papers.


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