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Welcome to the Winthrop Homecoming and Alumni Reunion
Homecoming Information

WU's got Talent Show

Thursday, November 12, 2015

7 p.m., Tillman Auditorium Free

Come and join Winthrop students as they show off their skills in this Homecoming tradition. Prizes will be awarded to the performers in both the vocal and performance category. During the show we will also re-announce the Homecoming court finalist. Students interested in competing will need to complete an online application. Applicants must also complete the audition process in order to receive the opportunity to participate in the Talent Show. 


October 5  6-8 pm,   Dina's Place
October 6  8-10 pm, Dina's Place
October 7 6-8 pm,    Dina's Place 

Please bring any music you need with you on a CD (Please mark the CD with your name and please only have one track per CD)

All applicants who are selected to be in the Homecoming Talent Show must be able to attend the mandatory dress rehearsal in Tillman Auditorium, Tuesday, November 10  at 8 pm. More information will be provided at Auditions.

            1st $200.00 gift card (Cafe Cash, Bookstore,  Starbucks)
            2nd $100.00 gift card (Cafe Cash, Bookstore, Starbucks)

          1st $200.00 gift card (Cafe Cash, Bookstore,  Starbucks)
          2nd $100.00 gift card (Cafe Cash, Bookstore, Starbucks)

NOTE: Only Winthrop University students are eligible
to compete in the Talent Show.

* If winning vocal/performance is by a group of student, the prize amount will be divided between the winners of the group up to 5 people. 

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