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Department of Student Affairs: Office of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs

Office of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs

Philanthropy Documentation Form

Chapter Information

Name of Fraternity/Sorority:

Name of Person Submitting Form:

Name of Philanthropy Event/Project:

Date of Event/Project:

Number of Members Participating in Event/Project:

Total Amount of Money (or items) Raised: 

Description of philanthropy event/project:

I certify that my organization completed the philanthropy event/project identified on this form and that all the information provided is accurate. 

Agency Information

Please provide below the information of the agency/organization the money (or items) you collected is being donated to.  This will assist us to verify the information if necessary. 

Did you/are you donating the money (or items) raised to an agency or organization?  

Name of Agency/Organization (if you did not work with an agency, type N/A):

Name of Agency/Organization Contact Person:

Phone Number:


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