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Education, Curriculum and Instruction (EDCI)

600. Philosophy, Organization and Curriculum of the Middle School (3). An examination of the history, philosophy, curriculum and structure of middle schools.Middle school theories, concepts and research
findings relative to exemplary programs and practice are emphasized.

610. Early Adolescence in Contemporary Society (3). An examination of the developmental characteristics of early adolescents in contemporary society using interdisciplinary themes, young adult books and other media.

611. Curriculum Development and Instructional Strategies (3). An advanced study of the salient issues in curriculum and instruction. Content will focus on research-based teaching strategies as well as the design and development of curriculum.

620. Content Literacy in Middle Schools (3).An examination of literacy strategies and materials appropriate for subject and interdisciplinary needs of developmentally diverse learners in middle schools.
Prerequisite(s): EDCI 610. Notes: A student may not receive credit for EDCI 620 and READ 645.

630. Pedagogy and Assessment in the Middle School (3).  A study of research-based methodologies for effective middle school teaching and assessment. Empirically verified methods of pedagogical content selection, planning, delivery and assessment appropriate to middle school teaching are emphasized. Prerequisite(s): EDCI 600, 610 and EDUC 681.

635. Using Data to Improve Teaching and Learning (3). This course is designed to assist the instructional leader to collect, analyze and use data to improve the teaching-learning process.
Prerequisite(s): EDUC 640.

636. Contemporary Issues and Trends in Curriculum and Instruction (3). An examination of contemporary, salient issues in Curriculum and Instructions (C&I); the role of educational policy in school reform; and the links among elements of policy and practice. Prerequisite(s): EDUC 640, EDUC 670, and EDCI 635.

637. Capstone: Advanced Field Placement (3). The focus of this course is the preparation and completion of a field-based project reflecting the candidate's knowledge of an approved topic and its implications for curriculum, instruction, and assessment. Prerequisite(s): EDCI 635, and SPED 561 or SPED 583.

642. Teaching Preschool Children with Disabilities: Developmentally Appropriate Practice (3). Content for this course addresses developmentally appropriate practices and strategies for teaching young children with disabilities. Notes: Offered in summer.

644. Behavioral Intervention with Students with Autism (3). This course is designed to provide students with knowledge and skills in applied behavior analysis, responsible use of technologies for behavior change programs, development of behavior intervention programs in accordance with IEP development, application of learning principles and teaching strategies, maintenance and generalization of behavior changes, teaching students to manage their own behavior and how to train others to implement behavior change procedures. Specifically, individuals with autism will be the focus of the content with students.

645. Teaching Preschool Children with Disabilities: Characteristics of Disabilities and Implications for Learning (3). The focus of the course is young children with disabilities with in-depth studies of the characteristics and development of such students. In addition, strategies for teaching preschool children with special needs will be addressed. There will be opportunities for course participants to observe the young child with disabilities in a preschool learning setting.

690. Capstone and Advanced Field Experiences in the Middle School (3:2-1). The principal focus of this course is the development, implementation and evaluation of a project reflecting the candidate’s knowledge of middle level education. Candidates also assemble a cumulative portfolio reflecting their professional studies and present this portfolio to a review committee. Prerequisite(s): EDCI 600, 610, 620, 630 and EDUC 640, 670 and 681.Notes: A grade of S or U is recorded.

695. Thesis (3).The student will conduct an individual investigation on an applied research project.  An oral defense is required. Prerequisite(s): EDCI 635, 636 and SPED 561 or SPED 583. 


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