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Office of Financial Aid

Types of Financial Aid

Student Employment


Department:                        Athletics

Contact Person:                  Christena Hamilton

Preferred Contact Method:  E-mail

Position Type:                     On-Campus

Job Title:                             Women's Basketball Team Student Manager

Job Description:                  Daily You are responsible for the day-to-day maintenance of equipment, storage closet, and team lounge — It is expected of you to take great pride in the appearance and cleanliness of these three areas (if the custodial staff is not doing their job notify a coach). Pre-Practice Responsibilities • Put clean practice gear in players’ lockers • NO SHOOTING • Bring pen, paper (clip board), and calculator • Grease board and dry erase marker • Set-up video equipment when needed (check with coach) • Water and cups • Rack of 14 balls, cleaned and aired up • 2 blue pads • 2 whistles — keep on ball rack • 3 towels • sweep floor before every practice — may have to wet mop as floor continues to worsen • Score clock and shot clock • Bike if needed — (check with coach) • Assist with pre-practice drills — rebound, encourage etc. Practice Responsibilities • Always have extra ball ready • Always have towels ready for wet spots on floor (especially after player falls) • be prepared to run score clock and shot clock • be prepared to keep stats / video Post-Practice Responsibilities • Collect, count, and separate laundry • turn in laundry to service area (remind them of specific washing/drying instructions) • you will be responsible for washing/drying the gear on the weekends if no one in the service area is available — if you need assistance with this, communicate with a coach • If you have any problems with practice or game equipment, notify a coach immediately *Game and travel responsibilities will be assigned at a later date.

Specific Skills:                    Game clock management; familiar with Microsoft Word

Building & Room:                      Winthrop Coliseum

Number of Positions:                 3

Hourly Pay:                               $7.25

Weekly Hours:

Days & Hours:
                            All week; days off fluctuate

Start Date:                                 Monday, August 27, 2012

End Date:                                   Sunday, March 31, 2013

Classification:                            No preference

Major:                                        Any