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Office of Financial Aid

Types of Financial Aid

Student Employment

Federal Work-Study

Department:                          Dacus Library - Circulation Department

Contact Person:                     Trey Woodring

Preferred Contact Method:    E-mail

Position Type:                       Federal Work-Study

Job Title:                               Student Assistant

Job Description:                    Performs a variety of collection maintenance tasks, including but not limited to, shelving, straightening, inventory and processing of returned materials.

Specific Skills:                      Good organizational and communication skills; ability to follow directions and accept instruction; willingness to do physical work such as shelving and moving books; ability to focus on detailed work for extended periods of time; ability to work with minimal supervision following training; willingness to work a consistent schedule throughout the semester.

Building & Room:                          Dacus Library, Room 115

Number of Positions:                     35

Hourly Pay Rate:

Weekly Hours:

Days & Hours:                                Varies

Start Date:                                     Monday, September 2, 2013                  

End Date:                                       Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Classification:                                Undergraduate

Major:                                            Any