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Office of Financial Aid

Types of Financial Aid

Student Employment

Federal Work-Study

Department:                        Fine Arts - Art History

Contact Person:                  Laura Dufresne

Preferred Contact Method:  E-mail

Position Type:                     Federal Work-Study

Job Title:                             Web Master and Miscellaneous

Job Description:                  Primarily build and maintain web sites for art history faculty, and occassionally scanning, power points, assistance with special events, research, and office work.

Specific Skills:                    Web site construction knowledge, ability to update existing websites, scanning knowledge, and some familiarity with MS PowerPoint would be helpful.

Building & Room:                      McLaurin, Room 102

Number of Positions:                 1

Hourly Pay Rate:

Weekly Hours:
                           3 - 4

Days & Hours:
                            TBD, can suit schedule

Start Date:
                                 Wednesday, August 21, 2013                  

End Date:                                   Monday, May 5, 2014

Classification:                            No Preference

Major:                                        Any

Notes:                                        Your primary duties would be with websites, but there are other duties as noted above. In the past, students have been able to work from home occassionally.