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Name: Kelsey Stephanie Avery

Major: Biology

Avery, KelseyMy name is Kelsey Stephanie Avery. I go by Kelsey. I am 19 years old, and was born and raised in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. I am the daughter of Preston and Wendy Avery. I have three siblings, two older brothers: Josh and Grayson and one twin sister, Shelby. I have a wonderful dog named Saddie. She is my little baby and I miss her deeply. I am a huge animal lover which is why I want to become a vet. I hope to work as a zoo vet for a while and then go to domestic animals once I get older. I also love to paint and take pictures. My favorite thing to do is to paint the pictures I took. I also love to read. I will read any kind of book. My number one favorite thing to do besides being with my lovely dog and family is to watch movies. I will watch all movies, some I have to watch with a group and some I can watch by myself. I happen to relate a lot of things to movies and I have also watched a lot of movies. I love to do sports or any kind of activity.

Eagle STEM Scholars
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