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College of Visual and Performing Arts

College of Visual and Performing Arts

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 Dearing, John   Name:  John Dearing 
Title:  Adjunct Professor of Fine Arts 
BFA in Photography from East Carolina University
Office:  304 McLaurin Hall  
Phone:  803-323-2126 
Web:  Blue Badger Studios  

John is a graduate of East Carolina University's photography BFA program. Currently living just outside Charlotte, NC, he is an adjunct professor at Winthrop University. He finds it amusing that despite considering himself a photographer and having received his degree in it, the majority of his work does not involve using a camera. Since 2007 he has preferred working with scanography (using the scanner as an image capture device) and alternative processes to the traditional or digital camera.

His physical work is entirely alternative, centered on darkroom-free processes such as the anthotype, cyanotype and lumen print. He' never had good luck with gum printing, but would like to try again in the future. Current experimentation with alternative substrates such as vellum, fabric and wood are proceeding well. He continues to explore various pigment solutions for anthotypes, as well as different ways to expose and develop lumens. The process of the print production is particularly fascinating to him.
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