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College of Visual and Performing Arts

CVPA Faculty and Staff Directory


Jeffrey Bellantoni, Dean and Associate Professor, Art & Design
Andrew Vorder Brugge
- Assistant Dean; CVPA Graduate Director; Professor of Theatre; and Program Director of the Master of Arts in Arts Administration
Susan Sauvigne
- Administrative Specialist
Karen Derksen - Director, Winthrop University Galleries
Anna Fredericks
- Director, CVPA Student Services
Jamilyn C. Larsen - Executive Assistant to the Dean
Michelle Mitcham - CVPA Financial Analyst
Whitney Hough
- Director, CVPA Communications & Community Engagement

Arts in Basic Curriculum (ABC) Project

Christine Fisher - Director, Arts in Basic Curriculum Project
- Field Services Specialist, ABC Project
Cheryl Taylor - Business Operations Manager, ABC Project

Department of Design

Chad Dresbach - Chair; Associate Professor of Design

G. David Brown - Associate Professor of Design
Gerry Derksen - Professor of Design
Thomas Garner - Instructor of Design
Sangwon Sohn - Associate Professor of Design
Jason Tselentis - Associate Professor of Design
Jesse Weser - Senior Instructor of Design 

Design Adjunct Faculty

Caroline Andrychowski - Adjunct Professor of Design
John Boatwright – Adjunct Professor of Design
Ashley Cooke - Adjunct Professor of Design
Karen Derksen - Adjunct Professor of Design
Deborah Dunlap - Adjunct Professor of Design
Griffin Glaze - Adjunct Professor of Design
Callista Langhorne - Adjunct Professor of Design
H. Lee Price - Adjunct Professor of Design  
Michelle Soto - Adjunct Professor of Design
Robert Vail - Adjunct Professor of Design 

Design Staff

Sally Brown - Rutledge Visual Resource Center 
(vacant) - Administrative Assistant, Department of Design

Department of Fine Arts

Anne Fiala - Acting Chair and Assistant Professor of Fine Arts

Sara Brown - Instructor of Fine Arts
Alice Burmeister
Associate Professor of Fine Arts
Shaun Cassidy
- Professor of Fine Arts
James Connell
- Professor of Fine Arts
Stacey Davidson - Assistant Professor of Fine Arts
Laura Dufresne - Professor of Fine Arts
Leah Dyjak - Assistant Professor of Fine Arts
Laura Gardner
- Professor of Fine Arts
Mark Hamilton
- Professor of Fine Arts
Michelle Livek - Assistant Professor of Fine Arts
Marge Moody - Professor of Fine Arts
Phil Moody - Professor of Fine Arts
Clara Paulino - Associate Professor of Fine Arts
Seth Rouser
- Assistant Professor of Fine Arts
Seymour Simmons
- Professor of Fine Arts
Karen Stock - Professor of Fine Arts

Fine Arts Adjunct Faculty

Dylan Bannister - Adjunct Professor of Fine Arts
Kathleen Burke
- Adjunct Professor of Fine Arts
Mike Goetz - Adjunct Professor of Fine Arts
Rhiannon Mack - Adjunct Professor of Fine Arts
Beth Melton - Adjunct Professor of Fine Arts

Fine Arts Staff

(vacant) - Administrative Assistant, Department of Fine Arts
Andrew Davis - Fine Arts Laboratory Technician and Instructor

Department of Music


Donald M. Rogers - Chair; Associate Professor of Music

Donna Guerra - Administrative Assistant / Office Manager
Jennifer McDaniel-Milliken - Music Librarian
Christopher O'Neill - Technical Director / Facilities Manager
Jon Crochet - Recording Technician


Lorrie Crochet, Director of Bands
Douglas Presley, Assistant Director of Bands


Richard Harris, Trumpet
Douglas Black, Euphonium, Tuba, Trombone
Robert Rydel, Horn
Justin Isenhour, Trombone


Jeremy Mims - Director of Choral Activities


Leonard Mark Lewis
Ronald Parks


L.H. Dickert, Jr.

Jazz Studies

L.H. Dickert, Jr.
Tracy Patterson
Adam Snow

Music Business

L.H. Dickert Jr.

Music Education

Lorrie Crochet, Instrumental
Jonathan Hall, Choral
Julia McCallum, Elementary
Douglas Presley, Instrumental
Donald M. Rogers, Choral

Music History & Music Appreciation

David Kulma
Ronald Parks
Ian Pearson
Jill O'Neill

Music Theory

David Batchelor
Tomoko Deguchi

L.H. Dickert, Jr.
Leonard Mark Lewis

Music Technology

David Batchelor
Ronald Parks


Douglas Presley, Conductor

Percussion & African Music

Adam Snow


Matthew Manwarren
Janice Bradner
Jennifer Austin
Lannia Broñola-Dickert
Amy Morris


Elizabeth Burns, Cello
Matthew Darsey, Viola
Kari Giles, Violin
David Vergato, String Bass / Electric Bass


Craig Allen
W. Todd Geer
Correy Lovelace
Jennifer McDaniel-Milliken
Jeffrey McEvoy
Kristen Wunderlich


Neal Postma, Saxophone
Tracy Patterson, Saxophone
Deborah Loomer, Clarinet
Jill O'Neill, Flute
Hollis Ulaky, Oboe

Hilary Yost, Bassoon 

Ensembles - Instrumental 

 - Chamber Ensembles (Various)

Clarinet Choir - Deborah Loomer
Classical Guitar Ensemble - L.H. Dickert, Jr.
Flute Choir - Jill O'Neill
Jazz Combos - L.H. Dickert, Jr.
Jazz Ensemble - Tracy Patterson
Jazz Guitar Ensembles - L.H. Dickert, Jr.
Mbira Ensemble
Pep Band - Douglas Presley
Percussion Ensemble
String Quartet
Symphonic Band - Douglas Presley
Trombone Choir
Trumpet Ensemble - Richard Harris
Tuba/Euphonium Choir - Douglas Black
West African Drumming Ensemble
Wind Symphony - Lorrie Crochet
Carolinas Wind Ensemble - Lorrie Crochet

Ensembles - Orchestra and Chamber Orchestra

Douglas Presley, conductor

 - Chamber String Ensembles

Ensembles - Vocal 

Opera Theatre - Jeffrey McEvoy
Chamber Singers
Collegiate Choir
Opera Workshop - Jeffrey McEvoy

Department of Theatre and Dance

Daniel Gordon - Chair; Professor of Theatre
Ramona Kundl - Administrative Assistant

Zinorl Broñola - Instructor of Theatre & Dance 
Robert Biff Edge - Assistant Professor of Theatre, Technical Director
Janet Gray - Professor of Theatre; Costume Designer
Stephen Gundersheim - Associate Professor of Theatre
Emily Morgan, Assistant Professor of Dance
Sandra Neels - Associate Professor of Dance
Kelly Ozust, Assistant Professor of Dance
Anna Sartin - Associate Professor of Theatre; Scenic/Lighting Designer
Meg Schriffen - Assistant Professor of Dance, Director of Dance Program
Andrew Vorder Bruegge - Professor of Theatre

Voice Faculty

Theatre & Dance Adjunct Faculty

Lance Beilstein - Instructor of Theatre
Mia Cunningham
- Adjunct Professor of Dance
Matt Ferrell -  Assistant Professor of Theatre
Carie Ivanovski - Adjunct Professor of Theatre
Everett Johnson - Adjunct Professor of Dance
Cheralyn Lambeth, Costume Shop Supervisor
Stacy McConnell - Adjunct Professor of Dance
Sarah Provencal - Adjunct Professor of Theatre
Lauren Suflita Skrabalak
- Adjunct Professor of Dance
Bethany Tuffy- Adjunct Professor of Dance

Master of Arts in Arts Administration

Andrew Vorder Bruegge - Program Advisor, Master of Arts in Arts Administration
Morenga Hunt - Adjunct Faculty
Juliette Shelley - Adjunct Faculty

CVPA Emeriti Faculty

Katherine Kinsey, Professor Emeritus, Music
David Lowry, Professor Emeritus, Music
Bill Malambri, Professor Emeritus, Music
Paul Martyka
- Associate Professor Emeritus, Fine Arts
Tom Stanley - Professor Emeritus, Fine Arts
Jerry Walden - Professor Emeritus, Fine Arts
Alf Ward
- Professor Emeritus, Fine Arts
B. Michael Williams
, Professor Emeritus, Music
David Wohl
- Professor Emeritus, Theatre 

College of Visual and
   Performing Arts

133 McLaurin Hall
Rock Hill, SC 29733, USA
803/323-2333 (fax)

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