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Computer Lab

computerlabThe Theatre & Dance computer lab is equipped with iMac workstations, featuring 24" screens.  Currently we have 14 student workstations and one teaching station.  The lab also is equipped with an LCD computer projector and a high speed HP LaserJet 5200tn laser printer.  Some of the software titles available for use by students are VectorWorks, Photoshop, Final Cut Express (video editing), Garage Band (audio editing), Virtual Light, Lightwright, Renderworks, Poser and Painter (costume design), Skype, Dreamweaver and iWeb (web design), Lifeform (choreography), and Finale (music composition).  All machines are connected to the internet for research and printing to networked printers.  New chairs purchased in 2006. New iMac machines with 24" screens purchased in 2007.


Mac Computer 


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