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College of Visual and Performing Arts


Faculty Resources

This section of the web site contains pertinent information for faculty (policies, forms, etc.) in the daily operation of the Department of Music

Department of Music Faculty On-Line Forms 

Applied Music Evaluation (pdf - 33 KB) 
Faculty Key Inventory (pdf - 21 KB) 
Class and Office Schedule (pdf - 28 KB) 
Faculty Recital Guide (pdf - 64 KB)
Request for Facilities Support Services (pdf - 35 KB) 
Request for Off-campus Activities (pdf - 42 KB) 
Sample Syllabus Headers (pdf - 54 KB)

Useful Faculty Links

Winthrop Faculty Links Page
A one-stop listing of virtually every useful faculty link on the Winthrop web site.

CVPA Faculty Information Page
Calendars, faculty/staff manual, advising manual, CVPA meeting minutes, and annual reports.

Undergraduate Student Handbook - The current undergraduate music student handbook.

Graduate Music Student Handbook - The current graduate music student handbook.

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