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Music Technology Facilities

Computer Music Lab Schedule

The Winthrop Computer Music Lab is located in Dacus 14. A Winthrop ID is required to enter Dacus Library. Swipe card access to the Computer Music Lab is restricted to music students, music faculty, and staff. Access to non-majors will be considered on a case-by-case basis.  The lab is accessible during the hours blocked out in white. Be aware that a variety of classes meet in the Computer Music Lab. Class meeting times are listed below. Patrons may use the lab during a class meeting time, provided a workstation is available and the instructor approves. Note that students taking classes have priority seating during class meeting times. For Computer Music Lab questions or concerns contact Dr. Parks at

Winthrop University Computer Music Lab Class Meeting Times
8am                  8am
9am               9am
      MUST   MUST    
10am     521   521     10am
      |   |    
11am           Comp   11am
12pm               12pm
1pm               1pm
2pm   MUST   MUST       2pm
  121   121      
3pm               3pm
  MUST   MUST      
4pm   121   121       4pm
5pm               5pm
6pm               6pm
7pm               7pm
8pm               8pm
9pm               9pm
10pm               10pm
11pm               11pm