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Accomplishments & Activities

2014 - 2015 (PDF - 84 kbs)


Campus Engagement

  • CSL annually served as a sponsor of the Winthrop, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service activities.      
  • CSL co-sponsored Eagle Fest as well as hosted numerous pep rallies, spirit weeks and campus-wide tailgating activities, all which strengthen school spirit.
  • CSL sponsored the 1st Annual Garnet and Gold Gala which brought the entire campus community together for a formal event.
  • CSL sponsored the 1st Annual Winter Olympics during Relay for Life events.
  • The Council, co-sponsored a candlelight vigil in honor of the slain Florida teenager, Trayvon Martin during Spring 2012 which fostered social awareness. 
  • CSL sponsored a dramatic production that brought attention to sexual awareness and LGBT related issues entitled, "Like Peeling an Onion" during Spring 2012. 
  • During Spring 2013 the council brought another theatric production entitled, "Nothing Happened" which dealt with sexual violence and rape. 
  • CSL annually sponsored the Fall and Spring Study Day Breaks in the library

Public Relations
  • The student body president and vice president sponsored an annual "CSL Listens Day" which gives students the opportunity to interact with their student leadership.   
  • Through our Public Relations efforts we have successfully raised the visibility of the Council both on social media and through our professional advertisements. CSL's Twitter followers increased from 60 to nearly 500.
  • Public Relations further increased our campus presence by customizing flyers for every Council sponsored event.        
Political Action
  • During the 2012 election cycle the Council notably registered over 1,000 new voters and sponsored three non-partisan, election related events. 
  • CSL passed a resolution cautioning that the Voter I.D. Law in South Carolina had the potential to disfranchise college students, taking our case straight to Governor Nikki Haley. 
  • CSL led a campaign that lobbied our legislators in Columbia to make higher education funding a greater priority for the state during Fall 2011
Campus Safety 
  • CSL initiated the B3 Safety Campaign, which encourages on-campus safety by creating a set of mini-commercials that can be found on YouTube.   The committee also sponsored a safety related program.
Student Allocation

  • At the conclusion of the 2013 academic year CSL would have successfully allocated over $56,000 to campus clubs and organizations; this funding has gone towards student programs, lectures, conferences and other activities.
 Student/Administrator Liaison
  • The Council has worked with administration on a plethora of issues including providing short-term student parking spots now located outside of the DiGiorgio Campus Center.  
  • We've further worked with administration on increased activity funding for student organizations. 
  • The Council passed a resolution that dealt with the proper usage of common time for faculty, staff and students and we're currently in the early stages of working with the family of pioneer legislature and former Winthrop professor, the late Dr. Bessie Moody-Lawrence, to have the auditorium in Tillman Hall renamed in her honor.
  • CSL has worked on improving landlord-tenant relations by sponsoring a program and providing students access to legal council to ensure that they know their rights. 
  • CSL sponsored the bi-annual customer service survey in 2012, where we monitored the services provided by each department on campus and provided the results and suggestions to senior administrators. 


  • The Council has sponsored three environmental sustainability programs, participated in Earth Day events, purchased and distributed reusable grocery bags and passed a resolution that advocates for both safety and policy related improvements to the Winthrop smoking guidelines. 

Election Commission     
  • CSL sponsored the 2nd and 3rd Annual Student Body Wide Elections with turnout and participation increasing each year.   
  • CSL continues to improve upon the election process; the Election Procedures Manuel revised and ticketed systems implemented.
  • The Council sponsored numerous election related events and debates to better inform the student body about the platforms of each candidate.
10th Winthrop University Presidential Search   
  • CSL leadership and members were actively engaged with the Presidential Search for Winthrop's 10th President.  The entire Council attended the "Presidential Characteristics" meeting with the search consultant and the Student Body President actively represented the student perspective on the search committee.
Internal Activity
  • Internally, CSL updated our mission statement and constitution, created an annual vision statement, hosted 4 successful retreats, purchased a kiosk located in the DiGiorgio Campus Center that will keep the student body updated on our activities, created the Student Allocations Administrator position, added 2 new organization and annual member seats and chartered over 20 new clubs and organizations. 
  • Held weekly meetings that featured University administrators, faculty & staff.  Minutes from each meeting as well as additional updates were promptly updated to the CSL website.
  • Provided input to the President and Board of Trustees regarding student concerns.
  • Appointed students to all University Standing Committees. 
  • Honored longtime President Anthony DiGiorgio and First Lady Gale DiGiorgio during our annual end of the year banquet. 



  • Re-established Student Wide Elections
  • Completion of Dedication for Excellence
  • Student Customer Service Survey
  • Campus Safety - contributed to campus improvements such as speed bumps
  • Co-Sponsored Eagle Fest 


Transportation efforts:

  • Evaluated the student survey completed spring of 2009 to determine interest and need for transportation service
  • Negotiated student rates with Carolina Cab Co. to specific locations and to the airport
  • Based on information from survey implemented a trial shuttle with the cab company for two weeks.  Due to lack of student response discontinued shuttle
  • Continue to investigate use of Zip cars for campus

Campus Safety:

  • Wrote letter to the President regarding need to pursue a change in traffic patterns on Cherry Road as student foot traffic is in danger.  City considering concern and options
  • Preparing campaign to seek a waiver from railroad to cross tracks at Legion Lot
  • Provided a forum for students to identify and express any safety concerns
  • Continued working with Chief Zebedis to explore options for a student run escort service


  • Outreach cookie break in Thomson to encourage students to express any  concerns
  • Comment boxes in all residence halls and Dinkins to learn issues of student concern
  • Study Day Break in Dacus with refreshments-comments solicited
  • Welcomed all new students at Convocation and co-hosted Clubs and Organizations Fair
  • Present to speak with and with materials to encourage prospective students attending Preview days, First Fridays, and Winthrop Day
  • Designed poster for community to post indicating Support for Winthrop
  • Distributing 70 posters to community in designated areas

 Other projects and activities this year

  • Represented students to the Board of Trustees at quarterly meetings and at annual 3 day retreat
  • Completed a student satisfaction survey regarding administrative offices at Winthrop.  Feedback will be provided to department heads.
  • Discussed issue of minimum drinking age and decided to hold a campus wide forum to discuss alternatives to the 21 year old drinking law. Held Choose Responsibility Discussion for Alternatives to Drinking Age 21with CEC.
  • Hosted and financed Homecoming
  • Encouraged activism to S.A.V.E. PASCAL through letter campaign and web communication
  • Allocation of $28,000 to Winthrop clubs and organizations-ensuring  accountability
  • Oversaw  the registering/chartering of 6 Winthrop clubs and organizations fall semester
  • Appointed students to all University standing committees giving student perspective in each governance group including:  Parking Appeal, Cultural Events Committee and Faculty Council
  • Provided advertising and advising to support clubs and organizations

 Recent accomplishments and activities

  • Budget Forums held for all students 2009, 2008, 2007, and 2006
  • Forums held on financial input to administration-spring 2009
  • Letter writing campaign to demonstrate student financial need resulted in the Winthrop Board of Trustees, establishing  an Emergency Scholarship Fund for students of $32,000 that was all allocated  Spring 20009
  • Other Forums held regarding student publications: the situation with Roddey Macmillan Record and the Opinion piece perceived as racist, safety, off campus housing and housing changes, with elected officials
  • Student input to Faculty Council resulted in S/U Policy being changed to allow a longer period to determine if course would  converted to an S/U
  • Referendum and lobbying of CSL representative to Faculty Council  resulted in the drop date for courses being changed from the second week of class to the 11th week of class
  • Successful voter registration drive resulting in largest number of campus voters registered in SC-2008.  Other voter registration drives in 2007, 2006.
  • County  denials of CSL attempts to register students in York County resulted in campus streets being named in order for students to have a physical address and to be able to register.
  • Organized student effort to impact adoption of +- policy resulted in a large student rally and the Faculty Conference voting to allow faculty the option to use or not
  • CSL student input on Club Sports resulted in new and lighted playing fields at the Farm and larger allocations of funding 

Council of Student Leaders

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