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Physical Education, Sport, & Human Performance

Sport Management


Winthrop University offers the interdisciplinary Sport Management degree, an exciting program that will benefit students who have an interest in the ever-growing business of sport. This joint venture between the Department of Health and Physical Education in the Richard W. Riley College of Education and the College of Business Administration provides a program that effectively combines the two disciplines. Students enrolled in the program pursue the Bachelor of Science degree in Sport Management.

Sanctioning Bodies

The Sport Management curriculum has been granted program approved status (accreditation) by meeting the standards of  the North America Society for Sport Management (NASSM).


Sport Management Curriculum 2016 - 2017

Study Abroad Curriculum Edgehill 2016 - 2017

Study Abroad Curriculum Deakin  2016 - 2017

List of Required Courses

Course Listings

General Education Requirements

GE Requirements

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