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Teacher Education Professional Dispositions and Skills Criteria for Initial Preparation Programs

Education is a noble calling that entails both challenges and responsibilities. As an educational leader, you will be expected to uphold the highest standards of the profession as you relate to students, families, and communities. Each teacher candidate is expected to exhibit the following four dispositions in their work with colleagues, faculty and staff in University and PK-12 settings, and PK-12 students and their families:

Assumes responsibility for the learning of all students* in the classroom in a caring, nondiscriminatory, and equitable manner and persists in effective learning for all students.*

Demonstrates a recognition of and adherence to the moral, legal, and ethical principles of the University and the profession.

Interacts in ways that convey respect and sensitivity.

Embraces the complexity of work through reflective practice and professional growth.

* “All students” includes students with exceptionalities and of different ethnic, racial, gender, sexual orientation, language, religious, socioeconomic, and regional/geographic origins (NCATE Unit Standards, 2008).

Additional Dispositions Information

Professional Dispositions and Skills Criteria (pdf - 10 kb) - Teacher Education Professional Dispositions and Skills Criteria.  

Undergraduate Professional Dispositions and Skills Procedures (pdf - 74 kb) - This document explains the procedures for using the Professional Dispositions and Skills Form at the undergraduate and MAT level.

Professional Dispositions and Skills Form (pdf - 70 kb) - This form is for faculty to report on a student's professional dispositions and skills.


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