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Information on Teacher Education Program Testing Requirements

All undergraduate Teacher Education students must meet a testing requirement for admission to the program in South Carolina. Students may meet this requirement in any of the following ways:

Test Minimum Score Required

ACT (writing section not required)


SAT (taken prior to March 2005)

Verbal + Math = 1100

SAT I (taken prior to March 2016)

Verbal + Math + Writing = 1650

New SAT (writing section not required) Verbal + Math = 1100

PRAXIS I (taken prior to Sept. 2014)

Reading = 175  Writing = 173  Math = 172

PRAXIS Core Reading = 156  Writing = 162  Math = 150

Students who do not already meet the admissions testing requirement through the ACT or SAT as listed above are encouraged to take (or retake) the ACT, SAT I, or PRAXIS Core as early as possible in their undergraduate career. Admission to the Teacher Education Program is dependent on meeting the minimum score required on ONE of the tests listed above. These testing requirements will also apply for recipients of the South Carolina Teachers Loan. There are no exceptions to these policies. 

To register for the ACT, please visit (writing section not required)
To register for the SAT, please visit

PRAXIS Core and PRAXIS Subject Area Assessments

Registration pamphlets with information on both PRAXIS Core and PRAXIS Subject Area Assessments are available on the rack outside of Student Academic Services, 144 Withers. Preparation materials that include practice test questions for PRAXIS Core and PRAXIS Subject Area Assessments are available here.

Students may take their PRAXIS tests at any offered site. When registering for either PRAXIS Core or PRAXIS Subject Area Assessments, it is critical that you list Winthrop University (5910) and the South Carolina Department of Education (8108) as score recipients.

All Teacher Education students are required to pass PRAXIS Subject Area Assessments for their major in South Carolina prior to starting Internship II. MAT Accelerated students in all majors and MAT Traditional students in Modern Languages must pass the PRAXIS Subject Area Assessment prior to admission into the Graduate School. PRAXIS Subject Area Assessments Information (pdf - 109 KB)

For questions about PRAXIS Subject Area Assessments internship requirements, contact Dia Hablutzel.

Middle Level Education PRAXIS Subject Area Assessments Policy for Internship II (Effective December 15, 2015)

In order to qualify for Internship II, MLED candidates must have:

1.       attempted PRAXIS Subject Area Assessments in both content area concentrations, and

2.       passed at least one of the concentration area PRAXIS Subject Area Assessments.

If both PRAXIS Subject Area Assessments have been passed, then the candidate will continue with Internship II in the content area that was not the focus of Internship I. If only one PRAXIS Subject Area Assessment has been passed, then the candidate can either:

a.       elect to do Internship II in the content area of the exam that has been passed (even if it repeats the content area of focus in Internship I);

b.      submit a written request (with documentation) to the program faculty to continue with Internship II in the content area of the exam that has not been passed by qualifying with an established GPA of 3.0 in all courses related to that content area (not just those that count toward the content concentration in the degree program) and a PRAXIS Subject Area Assessment score on that content assessment that is no more than 5 points away from the passing score; or

c.       submit a written request to the program faculty to attempt to qualify for Internship II placement in the content area of the exam that has not been passed by submitting to a one time (approximately 30 minutes) oral examination in the content that will be conducted and evaluated by a team of Winthrop faculty and middle level teachers of the content area from our partner schools. (The candidate has only one opportunity to do the oral examination, and the decision of the team of evaluators at the conclusion of the examination session will be final.)

Fee Waivers

Fee waivers may be available for the PRAXIS Core and PRAXIS Subject Area Assessment exams for college students who meet all eligibility criteria. All requests are processed on a first-come, first-served basis. More information and the fee waiver form are available here.




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