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Important PRAXIS Information

Registration pamphlets with information on both PRAXIS I and PRAXIS II are available on the rack outside of Student Academic Services, 144 Withers.  When registering for both PRAXIS I and PRAXIS II, it is critical that you list Winthrop University (5910) and the South Carolina Department of Education (8108) as score recipients.  Tests at a Glance booklets that include practice test questions for PRAXIS I and II are available online at

Upcoming PRAXIS workshops

When do I take PRAXIS I?

All undergraduate students must meet a testing requirement for admission to the Teacher Education Program in South Carolina.  Students may meet this requirement in any of the following ways:




                             Praxis Info

 Minimum Score required in SC as of October, 2013

ACT (writing section not required)


SAT (old version) before March 1, 2005

Verbal + Math = 1100


Verbal + Math + Writing = 1650

PRAXIS I (computerized)


Reading = 175  Writing = 173  Math = 172

*Above scores acceptable until June 30, 2014.

NEW: Beginning in October 2013

Reading = 156  Writing = 162  Math = 150

Students who do not already meet the admissions testing requirement through the ACT or SAT as listed above are encouraged to take (or retake) the ACT, SAT I, PRAXIS I or PRAXIS CORE as early as possible.  Admission to the Teacher Education Program is dependent on meeting the minimum score required on ONE of the tests listed above. 

These testing requirements will also apply for recipients of the South Carolina Teachers Loan. 

There are no exceptions to these policies. 

Students who must take a test for admission:  If you do not already meet the minimum scores on the ACT or SAT as listed above, it is necessary for you to take the ACT, SAT, SAT l, PRAXIS I or PRAXIS CORE Series early in your undergraduate career.

To register for the ACT, please visit (writing section not required)
To register for the SAT I, please visit

For PRAXIS I:  You may take the test with pencil and paper (PPST, for which the minimum scores are R=322, W=319, M=317 ) or on the computer (Computerized PPST).  The Computerized PPST is encouraged for several reasons:

  1. The testing environment is more private.
  2. Students receive score reports on reading and math sooner.  (Writing scores are received within 4-6 weeks of taking the test).
  3. The passing percentages tend to be higher on the Computerized PPST.
  4. Convenience of scheduling test time.
  5. Test time is shorter (1.5 hours).

There is a testing site in Rock Hill for PRAXIS I exams, computerized version only, at Prometric Testing Center, 452 Lakeshore Parkway, (803) 324-5607.  You may call to schedule an appointment for the PRAXIS I tests.  This testing center is open Tuesday through Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

When do I take PRAXIS II?

You must pass PRAXIS II Specialty Area Exam(s) required for South Carolina prior to starting your internship (EDUC 475/EDUC 690)

Please carefully follow the process below as taking the PRAXIS II requires careful consideration of test dates and specific tests required for your major.


PRAXIS Registration


  1. Go to 


  1. First select South Carolina from the “State Testing Requirements” to view a current list of Praxis II exams approved for South Carolina certification. 


  1. Register for the specialty exams required for your major after you have viewed this list.


  1. Registration deadlines are one month prior to the test date. 


  1. Choose Winthrop University (5910) and the South Carolina Dept. of Education (8108) as score recipients.


  1. Please consider including your social security number when registering as this is the only identifying number used by the SC Department of Education to match your scores with your certification file.  If you are uncomfortable doing this, you may need to follow up with the Department of Education to ensure they have received your scores.


Dance majors: For dance majors only, there is no Praxis II specialty area exam.  Please see the PLT note below.


Special education majors:  You are required to pass one specialty area exam prior to the internship, #0354 Special Education: Core Knowledge and Applications.  Additional Praxis II exams are required for certification specific to your concentration in special education.


MAT early childhood majors:  You are required to pass your specialty area exam in order to graduate from Winthrop.


PRAXIS II Certification Requirement

Passing scores on Specialty Area Exams for your major AND the Principles of Learning and Teaching (PLT) are required to receive an initial South Carolina teaching certificate.  Please note that the PLT is not required for the internship or to graduate from Winthrop University.  If you are planning to teach in a state other than South Carolina, you may wish to check that state’s certification requirements since not all states require the PLT. 


AFTER taking the PRAXIS II:

  1. When you receive your scores electronically from ETS, save and print them as soon as you receive the email from ETS.  You will only have access to your scores for a certain time frame specified by ETS.


  1. Keep your scores in a secure location you are able to access well into the future, such as a safe deposit box.