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The overview below provides information on each of the College of Education’s ten unique degree programs. You will find a brief overview, the name of the program's coordinator, and contact information for the program coordinator. Click on each program's name for complete information at the Graduate School's website.  

Counseling and Development
Graduate study in counseling and development leads to a Master of Education degree in either clinical mental health or school counseling. The Master of Education degree in counseling and development requires completion of at least 51 semester hours of approved graduate-level work.  Read more about Counseling and Development
Dr. Jennifer Jordan, 803/323-4722,
Visit the program website 

Curriculum and Instruction
The Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction (MEd C&I) is designed to meet the advanced educational needs of teachers in diverse educational settings. The primary objective of the program is to increase the content and pedagogical content knowledge (both breadth and depth) of classroom teachers.
Dr. Linda Pickett, 803/323-4775,  

All M.Ed. C&I students take a common core curriculum and focus in one of five unique concentrations as indicated below:

Dr. Linda Pickett, 803/323-4775,
Read more about Elementary Education (pdf- 5.64 MB)

Dr. Jonatha Vare, 803/323-2115, 
Read more about Secondary Education (pdf- 459 KB).

Educational Technology 
Dr. Marshall Jones, 803/323-2151,
Read more about Educational Technology (pdf- 448 KB)  

Teaching & Learning
Dr. Linda Pickett, 803/323-4775,  

Educational Leadership
Graduate study in educational leadership leads to a Master of Education (MEd) degree in educational leadership. The MEd program prepares graduate candidates to work as elementary and secondary school principals.  Read more about Educational Leadership
Dr. Mark Mitchell, 803/323-4726,
Visit the program website 

The Master of Education degree in literacy is designed to prepare the certified classroom teacher for literacy teaching and/or literacy coaching. Graduates of this program will meet South Carolina course requirements for certification as a literacy teacher and/or literacy coach.
Dr. Kavin Ming, 803/323-2158,   

Middle Level Education
The Master of Education in middle level education is designed to provide the necessary young adolescent pedagogy and subject matter content needed by licensed teachers to be effective educators in middle grades. Courses emphasize the characteristics of middle age children, varying instructional strategies necessary to teach this age group and current content being taught in middle schools. Graduates of the MEd in middle level education will be prepared to be curriculum and instructional leaders in contemporary middle schools.  Read more about Middle Level Education
Dr. Kelly Costner, 803/323-2478,   

Special Education
The Master of Education degree in special education prepares the educational leader to deliver family-centered services for families and their children with disabilities.  Read more about Special Education
Dr. Brad Witzel, 803/323-2453,  

Sport and Fitness Administration
The Master of Science in Sport and Fitness Administration provides advanced degree seeking students with a quality sport and fitness administration education. The program prepares students to assume leadership positions in various sport and fitness venues in both facility and personnel management and program development. Graduates are prepared to direct sport and fitness programs in the private and public sectors. The program consists of core courses that provide students with a background in administration, research design and analysis, and current issues and trends in sport and fitness.  Read more about Sport and Fitness Administration
Dr. Stevie Chepko, 803/323-3688,
Visit the program website

Master of Arts in Teaching

We offer three different options for our Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program. The traditional MAT, the 5th year MAT, and the MAT in Early Childhood Education.

Traditional MAT (MAT)
The Master or Arts in Teaching (MAT) is designed to prepare individuals who are seeking initial certification to be a classroom teacher. Graduate candidates may pick one of the following areas of licensure at high school level: biology, English, French, mathematics, Spanish or social studies; or graduate candidates may pick one of the following areas for certification grades K-12: art, music or physical education.  Read more about the Traditional MAT
Dr. Mark Dewalt, 803/323-2158,  

5th Year MAT (MAT5)
This full-time degree program allows students to earn a Master's degree and teaching certification in one year (three semesters). The MAT5 is designed for, and open to, students who would like to teach in a specific subject area but did not major in education at the undergraduate level. Graduates of this program will meet South Carolina course requirements for certification as a teacher in one of the following certification areas: art, biology, English, French, math, social studies, or Spanish. To apply for the MAT5 your undergraduate degree must have been earned within one year of beginning the MAT5 program. 
Dr. Mark Dewalt, 803/323-2158,  

Early Childhood MAT (MAT ECED)
The Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) in Early Childhood Education is designed to prepare individuals who are seeking initial certification in grades, Pre Kindergarten through third grade.  Read more about the MAT in Early Childhood Education
Dr. Christine Ferguson, 803/323-2595,

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