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Counseling, Leadership, and Educational Studies

Family and Consumer Sciences

Empowering Individuals, Strengthening Families, Enabling Communities

Your Career Opportunities are Diverse and Endless!  

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If you…

are a people person, like to lead and teach, enjoy creative thinking, working in teams, public speaking, take pride in your organizational and presentation skills, and want to make a difference in the lives of children and families…

You could…

create new products for consumers; provide customer services in hospitality industries; counsel others in health and fitness; train and retrain employees for the workforce; write and deliver consumer information on the Web and for print media; provide financial guidance services; serve youth and families through government and community agencies; and so much more!

“The overall FACS experience is definitely one that is completely unlike any other. With it being such a broad major, you really get to experience things that you wouldn't normally think about a major in the College of Education having. The courses, such as Residential Technology and Consumer Economics, were extremely beneficial for me because they helped to point me in a direction that otherwise I probably wouldn't have thought I was capable of. It is a great major for those of us who don't want to necessarily teach, but want to make a difference in the lives of others; especially with the Early Intervention and Youth Issues specializations. I loved my time at Winthrop as a FACS major and wouldn't change anything about it.”

-Jenny Lee Turner, FACS Alumni
Administrative Assistant for Solid Surfaces, Inc.

Dr. Helyne Frederick
Program Director
232-D Withers Building
Rock Hill, SC 29732
803/323-4369 (fax)
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