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College of Education

College of Education

Assessment of Student Performance Data

The diagram below displays the design of the Unit Assessment System for collection and use of student performance data.


Unit Assessment Graphic



Unit Assessment of Student Performance Data: Starting on the upper left, the diagram indicates that the Undergraduate, MAT or Advanced Conceptual Framework, Specialized Professional Association (SPA), state, and national standards are the drivers for the expected competencies for students in the College of Education at Winthrop University.  These competencies align with professional accreditation standards and were determined in collaboration with the professional community.  Candidate competence on each outcome is assessed at multiple points across the program by key work samples (artifacts) or performance surveys.  For the initial preparation levels of undergraduate and MAT programs, each artifact is scored using the dimensions of the Structure of Observed Learning Outcomes (SOLO) rubric.  For the advanced degrees and non-teaching majors, each candidate’s artifact is scored using agreed-upon rubrics.  Performance assessment scores are collected at the end of each semester from the instructors of the appropriate courses.  All teacher educator programs use LiveText, a data and course management system. These data are aggregated yearly and analyzed by the program area team.  These aggregated scores are used for program and unit review and improvement.