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James and Susan Rex Institute for Educational Renewal and Partnership

Clinical Coaches

A Clinical Coach is a classroom teacher who has proven successful in mentoring teacher candidates and is now prepared to extend support to others in the Partnership Network. Specifically, Clinical Coach responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Engaging with Winthrop University teacher candidates at all levels;
  • Assuming a leadership role in mentor teacher development;
  • Serving as a model for working with adult learners;
  • Presenting at conferences, institutes, and other forums to disseminate mentoring best practices;
  • Collaborating with school liaisons (if applicable) to engage teacher candidates in the school community;
  • Participating in teacher preparation curriculum review and admissions processes; and
  • Collaborating with other Clinical Coaches to conduct online “e-mentoring” through webinars, blogs, etc.


Frequently Asked Questions (PDF-362kb)

Clinical Coaches
Clinical Coach Base School, District Service Schools
and/or Districts

Carmen Austin

India Hook Elementary,
Rock Hill School District 3

Rock Hill School
District 3


Mentor Note: In Learning by Heart, Barth (2001) stated, “Teachers and students go hand in hand as learners, or they don't go at all” (p. 23). The relationship between mentor and mentee is often fluid as roles change with experiences resulting in benefits for all stakeholders. I firmly believe that when we stop learning, we stop growing. I consider mentoring to be a privilege and an honor.

LaPonya Burris

Hunter Street Elementary,
York School District 1

Cotton Belt Elementary,
Harold C. Johnson Elementary, Hunter Street Elementary, & Union (Elementary Schools)


Mentor Note: Serving as a mentor teacher allows educators to learn and work collaboratively with junior faculty members. Being a mentor teacher is a rewarding experience for all involved parties- mentors, university students, and elementary-school students. I thoroughly enjoy being a mentor as I am able to effectively support teacher candidates as they perfect their instruction and leadership skills in the classroom. As a mentor teacher, I have been able to offer various teaching techniques, give advice regarding classroom management, and be a good listener for my interns.

Lisa Creighton

Lewisville Elementary,
Chester County School District

Chester County
School District


Mentor Note: As a mentor I believe that working with a teacher candidate is a rewarding experience for both the mentor and mentee. The mentee has the opportunity to put all of his/her knowledge to use in a real school situation while being supported by a veteran teacher. The mentor benefits from the mentee, who brings various new strategies and best practices that they have learned through their college experiences into the classroom.

Crystal Small

Jefferson Elementary,
York School District 1

Jefferson Elementary,
York Middle, York Comprehensive, &
Cherokee County
School District


Mentor Note: I am forever grateful for my mentor teachers. Therefore, I mentor. As professionals, we should train our future teachers in the best practices and provide support and encouragement as they begin their journey as professionals.

Ashlee Threatt

Sugar Creek Elementary,
Fort Mill School District 4

Fort Mill School District 4 Elementary Schools & Lancaster County Schools

Mentor Note: Being a mentor teacher is truly an honor. Mentoring provides the opportunity to be a great influence in the lives of beginning teachers, teacher candidates, and students. It means being an extra ear to listen, shoulder to lean on, and coach to guide and assist. It is often said that a mentor is someone who sees more talent and ability within you than you see in yourself, and helps bring it out of you.

Karen Weston

Springfield Middle,
Fort Mill School District 4

Fort Mill School District 4 Middle & High Schools & Cherokee County Schools


Mentor Note: Being a mentor teacher involves listening and teaching an adult who is motivated to learn, reflect and perform in the classroom. For most of us, this is a big difference from teaching middle school or high school students. Having an experienced mentor teacher with whom a new mentor teacher may communicate is a tremendous advantage for both the mentor and intern. I look forward to helping out!